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    Quote Originally Posted by unbongwah View Post
    Monk 6 / ftr 6 / arty 8 or maybe arty 10 / monk 9 - just ignore the arty stuff (apart from trap skills for extra XP) and play like a conventional Shintao.
    i was thinking the 6 6 8 split and get his DCS up there for fighter, STR based with whirlwind

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    I have Bard, Monk, Sorc and warlock remaining of my PLF that aren't connected to an iconic, I need the iconic PLF for bladeforged. I was eyeing either WF Sorc or Bard for the primary on the iconic life but I'm having difficulty deciding and would like some feedback/suggestions for a solid build using one of those three classes as the primary/highest level class on a bladeforge.

    I have been splashing in either rogue or arty with most PLF to get the trapping bonus (though clearly not necessary, it's a bonus). Just looking for suggestions for a build with these. It seems like warlock to 17 and 3 paladin to take advantage of higher con possibilities and cha saves would work and it's what I've been leaning toward the most but I'm unsure at this time.

    I will have cleric and mage plf by the time I get into doing the bladeforged life which should help a bit with any DCs.
    Khyber Character: Main; Manathayria; Rogue making a circuit of paladin and other lives - yes I heal, but I expect a cookie when you don't die.

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    Greetings! In the process of finishing my second Scourge life, and looking for a build for my third scourge life. After my current life I will have 3 ranger past lives, so don't need ranger any more. Wanting to find a build for Scourge that has Druid or Monk as main if possible. Also would prefer a build that does not require using LR hearts, so at least 1 level of ranger.

    Thanks in advance!

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