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I have two builds for you to work up for me please. I play in a perma-death guild that doesn't allow the buying of scrolls, wands, potions, or anything from the auction house. So please disgard any assumptions of what is available to me. Keeping that in mind, it is okay to use Dragon Marks on my characters if it helps meet the goal.

* Both must be 28pt builds
* Neither can be Drow


* Since I will be a front line fighter/caster, I must be able to take damage.
* I want to use a Bastard Sword
* I want to be able to deal good dmg in melee
* I want to cast AoE/Cone spell dmg, since I typically face multiple enemies
* I want to be able to use self-buffs that would benefit the above
* I would prefer to be able to self-heal, but if impossible, don't worry about it. I am okay with being able to heal minor to moderate wounds.
* The classes you use to accomplish this doesn't matter to me.
* I don't need to be the best in melee or spell dmg, but I don't want to suck either. Somewhere in-between would be nice.


* Being able to deal massive bow dmg is my main priority
* Being able to disarm traps and pick locks is very important as well
* Being good at the skills required to disarm traps and pick locks is next important. (ie. search, spot...)
* Include anything that would help me accomplish my job easier. (ie. being able to take a hit or live longer etc.)
* I would like to be able to augment my Archer with self-buffs and heals if able.

Please remember that I am playing in a perma-death guild with special rules as described above. I can't explain how important that is when creating these builds.

Thank you so much for your help. Have fun.
If you want Sigtrent I can take both of these. I'm his guildmate and pretty much have experience with this.