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I've just roled a new Drow Sorcere/fighter. He's at 4th level now but I want your advise before going any farther with him. I was thinking of advancing him so he would be a 50/50 build But I'm not sure thtat that,s the way to go. What I really want in a non squishy Sorcere.
Thanks for any help you can give
I think Sorcerer/Paladin stacks a lot better, since maxing charisma helps both classes. If you want to go melee, maybe 5 levels of wizard and extend for haste and blur would be worthwhile. Wizard is better in that build for many reasons, but you wouldn't want to use a character like that for offensive magic... I see a lot of WF 9F/5W running around - or 7F/5W/2P

I've got a Sorc/Pally Drow - AEsahaettr, who is currently 10th level (2 Pal/8Sorc). All I really want out of the paladin levels is a) the weapon and armor feats (and toughness, which I took at start), and b) the paladin Auras from levels 1 & 2. If you want to be very combat centered maybe do 3 or 4 total levels of paladin.

AEsahaettr (2 Paladin/ 12 Sorc) - initial stats:
10 DEX
14 CON
10 INT
10 WIS
20 CHA

Feats: Toughness, Maximize, Extend, Illusion Focus
Enhancements - key ones are eleven arcane fluidity, improved maximize, and elemental lines.

I took Paladin at levels 1 & 3, but in retrospect I would have waited on the 2nd level. As it was I didn't get Wall of Fire until level 10. Oof. I use Twilight chain and a mithril shield, and I run all the time with stoneskin and blur; and when I cast Wall of Fire and everything aggros on me most times I dopn't have to bunny hop - I just start beating on them with my acid enfeebler longsword.