Hey all, been away for 4 years or more, and had the inclination to play again. When I left I was working on a dwarf fighter/monk who could trip/stun in high level content. I had payed per month so had access to everything. He was a 32 point build with +2 tomes on everything, but he is probably woefully outdated now. I believe he got to 12 or 13, was planning on reincarnating to build for todays high standards. I believe he was TWF, with 2 of the named earth warhammers that add either stun or trip, cant recall. Dowloading is taking on 2 hours now. So I cant check my gear just yet. I know I dont have the monk tunic from the giant undead skeleton under the bazarr, but is that even relavent anymore? Anyway was looking for help reincarnating to be great at stun and trip, or if necessary focusing on just one to be effective in dungeons. Assuming trip and stun are still useful in the game. Also how is it getting parties now? I imagine that the population is down to far less than before. I was on kyber.