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    PM's sent. As far as screenies go, if this is someone that you know and you have a problem with what I've said or do not believe the other two players then, and ONLY THEN will I spend the time to black out innocent names and cusses to post a screenie.

    It's not some monumental event, just a funny story about how stupidity does not lie in the realm of but one server.

    Also, the toon I was playing that night was Necrosis, lvl 12 Sorc. Feel free to PM me in game if you want to. However, as soon as my name change request goes through he'll be renamed either Epic or Kaine. Since I was able to score my names back with the merger.

    Mmmmm... merger....
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    Default lol

    "You just can't handle my greatness."

    That sounds like derrek.....sounds like a buddy of mine that would say that if he were bored enough lol. i want a pm too thanks!

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