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    Talking Just wanted to say

    hey yall just saying hey havent really posted here since merger. wanted to say hello. so HELLO!!!!! so i have been playing since beta with a 6 month break due to rl stuff but i am back playing ussually on as thadeus and with my wife elsa we pug 90% of the time and i have been reading alot of bashing of pugs here latly so i just want to say to those i have grouped with i have enjoyed your company and yall know who you are. now not to say i havent had some bad pugs, but hey it happens. so again hello and well met and look forward to hanging with all the good people of the new thelanis.

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    glad to see ya Dragon!
    Thank you all!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    thank you all for the warm hello's hope to see you all soon in game.

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