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    don't forget waiting at INT runes to let people in, mercifully ending the onslaught of a certain droning/nagging voice.

    worst TS raid EVAR!!!

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    I know just as many great players without a mic as I do with one... that's mutually exclusive ... I would expect it to be as owning a mic does not promise any certain degree of skill or intelligence.

    The idea that Aundairians buff each other more often then others? Remains to be seen by me... seems I've always seen people buff upon entrnace to a dungeon and those who were unsure always asked what what needed, In fact many casters I know will toss xp out the window by zoning in buffing thier party mates, then recalling for mana in order to unsure a higher sp pool bith back on Riedra and here. I know I often do with my casters.
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