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Thread: Deadlyy's stash

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    Default Deadlyy's stash

    well i have some stuff that i got for trade is anyone is interested

    +1 vorpal bastard sword or tendon slce
    +1 vorpal kama
    +2 para short sword
    +2 para light mace
    +1 para kopesh of pure good
    +1 para kopesh of backstab
    +1 vicious greataxe of disruption
    +2 true Law heavy crossbow of disruption

    For the two vorps only items i'm seeking is a really good slashing smiter no greataxe plez. wounding rapier of puncturing. Or a +5 mith full plate

    For the paras and disrupters im looking for +5 protection cloak, 1 handed disrupter, or two handed disruptor, banisher, Greater banes non exotic except kopesh, Good burst pure good twondaers +2 and higher Or any smiter. Thanks for your time
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