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    Man I am lucky that I found my list it will make it easier for me to get things done. I am definitely looking to move some things so just send ma a pm and I will get back to you quickly. I am sure that this list will be changing in the next day or so to ensure that I have everything listed.


    +6 Str Item
    +6 Con Item
    Helm of the Black Dragon
    Jorgundal's Collar
    Steady Handed Armbands
    Kardin's Eye
    Ring of Ancestors
    Banishers and Disruptors
    Bursting Bastard Swords of Pure Good
    Black Dragon Scales

    Jewelry and Clothing:

    Dream Visor (+13 spot; -7 search)
    Clever Goggles (+6 Int)
    Clever Goggles of Disabling (+5 Int, +3 Disable)
    Disease Immunity Belt of Heavy Fortification
    Belt of Improved False Life
    Ogre Power Belt of Improved False Life (+1 str)
    Ogre Power Belt of Balance (+1 st; +10 balance)
    Ogre Power Belt of Crushing Despair (+1 st, 5x per day)
    Health Belt (+5)
    Health Belt of Balance (+5 con, +3 balance)
    Girdle of Giant's Brawn (+6 str, -3 int and wis)
    Ogre Power Belt of Balance (+6 str, +3 bal rr:wf)
    Necklace of Protection +4
    Necklace of Performing (+13)
    Necklace of Eloquence (+10 diplomacy)
    Necklace of Eloquence (+11 diplomacy)
    Wise Neckalce of Eloquence (+1 wis, +10 diplomacy)
    Wise Necklace of Daze Monster (+5, 1 per day)
    Boots of Tumbling (rr halfling ml13, +15 tumble)
    Boots of Tumbling (+11)
    Dextrous Boots of Swimming (+4 dex, +5 swim)
    Striding Boots of Elvenkind (+20%, +3 move silent)
    Ring of Disabling (+11)
    Wise Ring of Dismissal (+1 wis, 3x per day)
    Ring of Dismissal (5x times per day)
    Striding Ring of Springing (20%,+3)
    Charismatic Cloak of Protection (+2 cha,+2 prot)
    Improved Acid Resistance Cloak
    Helm of Haggle +10
    Wise Crown of Intimidation (+4 wis, +3 intimidate)
    Charismatic Helm of Eloquence (+1 cha, +11 diplomacy)
    Helm of Eloquence (+11)
    Clever Hat (+6 Int)
    Charismatic Helm of Steady Spellcasting (rr:drow ml11; +2 cha, +10 concentration)
    Ogre Power Bracers of Solid Fog (+2 st, 3x per day)
    Dextrous Gloves of Repair (+4 dex, +5 repair)

    +1 Holy Burst Great Club of Pure Good
    +2 Cursespewing Great Club of Pure Good
    +1 Vicious Great Club of Smiting
    +1 Impact Staff of Destruction
    +4 Axiomatic Light Mace of Enfeebling
    +3 Improved Spark VI Heavy Mace of Greater Ice Lore
    +5 Shock Heavy Mace of Deception
    +3 Superior Combustion VII Heavy Mace
    +5 Heavy Mace of Pure Good
    +4 True Chaos Light Hammer of Pure Good
    +5 Light Hammer of Righteousness
    +3 Spell Penetration VII Scepter
    +5 Returning Throwing Hammers of Righteousness
    +3 Superior Combustion VII Club
    +1 Icy Burst Club of Greater Orc Bane
    +1 Holy Morningstar of Greater Human Bane
    +2 Holy Burst Warhammer of Lesser Lawful Outsider Bane
    +5 Light Mace of Pure Good


    +1 Anarchic Burst Kukri of Pure Good
    +4 Holy Greatsword of Pure Good
    +5 Thundering Bastard Sword
    +1 Paralyzing Bastard Sword of Deception
    +1 Paralyzing Bastard Sword of Pure Good
    +1 Flaming Bastard Sword of Greater Magical Beast Bane
    Prysuul's Bane
    +1 Holy Adamantine Bastard Sword of Pure Good
    +3 Acid Bastard Sword of Righteousness
    +4 Flaming Bastard Sword
    +5 Flaming Bastard Sword
    +4 True Law Cold Iron Bastard Sword of Shatter (+4)
    +2 Seeker Adamantine Bastard Sword of Pure Good (+6)
    +1 Anarchic Burst Bastard Sword of Backstabbing (+1)
    +3 Anarchic Bastard Sword of Pure Good
    +3 Bastard Sword Of Greater Human Bane
    +3 Bastard Sword of Greater Giant Bane
    +2 Thundering Longsword of Greater Orc Bane
    +2 Wounding Long Sword Of righteousness
    +4 Long Sword Of Pure Good
    +1 Keen Longsword of Disruption
    +2 Finesse Handaxe of Deception
    +2 Seeker Handaxe of Destruction
    +1 Axiomatic Burst Handaxe of Backstabbing (+1)
    +2 Axiomatic Burst Handaxe of Backstabbing (+1)
    +1 Flaming Handaxe of Greater Gnoll Bane
    +1 Paralyzing Scimitar
    +1 Icy Burst Scimitar of Greater Monstrous Humanoid Bane
    +3 Holy Byeshk Scimitar of Pure Good
    +2 Holy Burst Kama of Pure Good
    +4 Flaming Burst Kama of Pure Good
    +1 Icy Burst Battleaxe of Greater Gnoll Bane
    +3 Holy Battleaxe of Enfeebling
    +2 Flaming Cold Iron Dwarven Axe of Destruction
    +2 Keen Greatsword of Greater Vermin Bane
    Great Axe of Chain Soldier
    +1 Vorpal Greataxe of Deception


    +1 Acid Heavy Pick of Greater Evil Outsider Bane
    +2 Frost Flametouched Iron Heavy Pick of Greater Ooze Bane
    +2 Seeker Heavy Pick of Pure Good (+6 seeker)
    +2 Holy Heavy Pick of Puncturing
    +1 Ghost Touch Heavy Pick of Smiting
    +1 Banishing Light Pick of Deception
    +1 Seeker Short Sword of Greater Dwarf Bane (+6)
    +1 True Law Longbow of Destruction
    +2 Seeker Densewood Great Crossbow of Greater Gnoll Bane (+4 seeker)
    +5 Shock Densewood Repeating Heavy Crossbow of Lesser Giant Bane
    +1 Holy Burst Composite Shortbow of Pure Good (traded)
    +1 Seeker Shortbow of Righteousness (+10)
    +2 Anarchic Returning Throwing Dagger of Power I
    +1 Icy Burst Dagger of Backstabbing (+3)
    +2 Spell Penatration VI Dagger
    Chill Shard
    +4 Shock Dagger of Pure Good
    +2 Conjuration Dagger of Spell Penatration (+1 focus)


    +1 Str Tome (x2)
    +1 Dex Tome
    +1 Con Tome
    Kargon's Tasty Hamms
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    Default updated


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    pm sent.

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