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    Default Well Someone Has to do it!!

    Well Well, the Xoriat Population has come to Thelanis! Of course I have found pros and cons already.

    More peeps to play with: Although my Xoriat heritage makes me squemish yet about partying with peeps I dont know.

    PRICES???? Cmon the invaders Basty for 3.35Mil?? someone kick me please

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    Hey bro, I loged on last night to find a lot of LFM's at a wide range of levels (great news) ..... the groups were fine (although I always had at least one other Xoriatan w/ me) lag wasn't bad (big but great suprise) at one point there were 3 giantholds hadn't see that since 2 loot weekends ago..... I have to admit though I'll always look for my fellow haters first
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    Heck, its been a while since I've seen a 2nd instance in the Wayward Lobster!

    And agreed...the economy (aka the AH) on the server is kind strange right now. But you know, its a good time to take advantage of it. If you look around on the listings long enough you could easily make a bit of cash doing the "buy low, sell high" game. That's probably what the Invaders Basty is about -- someone trying to game the AH.
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