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    Default Obscuring Mist and Blur

    Would having both of them active a waist or will they both help?

    What I mean is, if I cast blur on myself. Then during battle cast obscuring mist.

    Will the attacker have to roll to see if the blur causes him to miss then roll to see if the mist causes him to miss?

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    Nope, only the highest concealment check applies. If they are equal, well I don't know which one applies if they are equal. But it's just one roll.

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    Not sure, will get back to you on that...


    If you cast obscuring mist in the middle of a battle your party would slaughter you.
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    Not since the change they won't. The only persistent AE effect that's really that bad anymore is Hypnotic Pattern. All the fogs and clouds and glitterdust aren't that bad when friendly.
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