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    Default Barbarian advice

    I was considering taking 2 or more levels of barbarian w/ my lvl 6 fighter. What would be the overall benefit of doing this, if any? Need advice please.

    Eroril Level 6 Dwarf Fighter


    Str 16
    Dex 16
    Con 18
    Int 10
    Wis 10
    Cha 6

    HP 121

    AC 30


    Two Weapon Fighting
    Great Cleave
    Power Attack
    Quick Draw
    Weapon Focus: Slashing
    Weapon Specialization: Slashing


    Fighter Action Boost I
    Dwarven Armor Mastery I
    Dwarven Axe Attack I
    Dwarven Axe Damage I
    Dwarven Constitution I
    Dwarven Spell Defense II
    Fighter Critical Accuracy II
    Fighter Tower Shield Mastery I
    Fighter Strength I

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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    2 levels of barb isnt a bad idea at all... I would not however go for 3 or more... atleast until the cap is raised... at 12/2 you can get greater weapon specilization and Barbs power attack 1 enhancement which I think would work great for thsi build... also having about 3-4 min of rage per shrine is nice for boss/large difficult fights...
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    Thanks for the advice, I really want this fighter to be a damage dealer and I've been experimenting w/ multi-class toons lately. I originally planned on going pure fighter, but now I think I'll reconsider.

    Thanks again

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    Personally I would go barbarian 5. You mostly get 2 rages (+1 enhancement), 2 improved uncanny dodges, extend rage II, DR 2/-. 8 and 11 are also good numbers for barbs.
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