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    Default Hiya Welcome to the new Khyber or Hello Again

    Hi my old post went down in Hurricane Dev so I wanted to repost a welcome to our new server mates from Aundair and Riedra. I am the leader of the Horde and I play all of the toons in my sig with Fastball being the one I play most. Although most ppl call me Eightball, my old main. As a guild we raid alot and loot alot. Thats our focus if any. Try to have one big guild raid a day and then lots of small ones the rest. Recent changes about to be implemented will likely change this alot as will our cooperation with other guilds. In any case I look forward to seeing you all soon in what I hope will be a relatively painless merger.

    PS We are getting a new name soon.

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    What the Horde not good

    I think you might actually get a free rename token.

    Oh and Eightball and his guild are a bunch of great players and are really fun people to group with. Any new players out there that see "The Horde" should always know they are in for a fun, smooth mission.

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