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    Default The Unsung Heroes

    Hello Khyber,

    As of tomorrow the Unsung Heroes will be a part of your world. Formed in May 2006 on Riedra, we are a small guild of players who just like to have fun. We are never in a rush to get anywhere. I call us slow and lazy but that does not mean that we do not pull our weight during a quest. It just means that we have a very relaxed play style and are seldom in a rush. Our group often reminds me of my old Friday night gaming sessions, just a bunch of people who do not compete with each other but work together as a team and love playing the game.

    You will see us around. Several of our members enjoy PUGs, others group only with guildies but that does not mean they are unfriendly. Ask them for help and that's what you will recieve. If you ever have a problem with any of my members please come and see me right away. It's very important to me that the guild is full of people who are honest, friendly and helpful.

    I do not actively recruit members and as a result we gain approximately 1 new member a month. Usually after they have played with one of us, enjoyed our play style and requested to speak with me. As a result membership has remained small with about 15 or so active members. I am proud to say that I know and enjoy the company of everyone of my guild members and I intend for it to stay that way. We have no guild politics or squabbles, (( I run a dictatorship )), we just play to have fun.

    So with that said I better go make sure my immigration papers are filled out, signed in triplicate with the I's dotted, T's crossed and ready to hand over to Immigration Services on Khyber.
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    Play what you want to play, and play it well.

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    Default Don't worry about the papers

    Just welcome to Khyber, come in and have fun

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    Well I had my papers all ready. but they got too close to my Flaming burst Bastard sword.. At least that's the story I'm sticking to.. anyway.. good to know I don't have to find a way to fake them LOL... and I'll vouch for the Dictator, We Unsung heroes always seem to have fun..Look us up..Ohh and we are Warforged Friendly.. In fact I've heard that's one of the main reasons the guild was founded.. We are open to all races and compositions in Stormreach.... main requirement is to have fun...
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    Default Welcome

    it sounds like the guild name Roleplayers and Unsung Heroes could be interchangeable. Look us up in game, we always like to have a good, slow time!

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