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    Escaping Mizzery in the Tavern Attic.


    /Looks up from the depths of his sullen mizzery...

    Safe travels to all ye, and make sure to add a dent to their booze supply for me.

    And take many pix.
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    don't worry... many MANY pics will be taken. My husband goes crazy when we go on vacation because I get a little shutter-buggy.

    When we were on honeymoon, I asked him how many pictures I could take on the new memory card

    Him: "At the max setting?"
    Me: "Yeah... for the whole week."
    Him: "Well I'll put it to you this way... you could take 80 pictures a day"
    Me: "And I WILL!"

    eh yeah and I did :X

    I'll be sure to post the con pictures once we get back ^^
    Thank you all!
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    Default DDOCon

    Never been to GenCon, lived in Indy my whole life of 28 yrs...this is the first year I'm excited to go down there and mingle (though I wont be goin into GenCon, just Jillians lol)...and then lucky me, in 2 weeks will be of the the NY Renn Faire . I love this time of year!

    I hope all are safe in their travels to my little city, see ya on Sat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    ..Got a lunch break? A smoke break? You too can conspire with bacon

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleetsbane View Post
    shecky has a pretty good, strong soul.. i am sure he would let u have it to give to Silthe.. i mean come on he IS a team player...
    I know Shecky IRL. He's hangin' on to his soul because, quote, "There ain't enough left of it to give away."

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    Merlask is a hottie :P
    Long Live New Xoriat
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    I am afraid to report that I was unable to obtain a Teleport Without Error spell and therefore cannot participate in the festivities. I wish all the celebrants the best! Roll a d20 for me at the convention and related parties! (And don't forget to perform your best in-character dance emote!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlask View Post
    My my, should we call it a 'raid' mwuhahaha
    You would have to form into 12 man groups then. Preferably 3-5 man teams actually if you want to maximize loot... O wait...

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