* Guild Type: Mature, Fun, Raiding, Literate

* Levels: 4+

* Contact: Katianara

Membership is available for levels 4+ who desire a guild with skilled, mature players, with a slight bent for min/maxing, and a goal of raiding. No drama, flamewars, or bickering about not getting the Greater Belt of the Bovine from the Cow Queen.

We are looking for players who:

1) Are tired of the skill of the average PUG.

2) Don't use AOL speak.

3) Don't chatter constantly into their microphones about what they ate last night and their favorite color.

4) Know how to play their class, or at least have a strong desire to know how to play their class if they're new.

5) Good personality and sense of humor.

6) Able to breath without reminding oneself.

7) Friendlier than this post!

I don't much care if you're 12 or 40, as long as you're a good player, intelligent, and polite. Must not yell at your mom into the microphone set to voice activation because you don't want to eat dinner now and oh god just 10 more minutes.

* Katianara, What's a Pubbies?

It's a mystery!