Ok heres the thing I am very excited about this merger, I look forward greatly to meeting new players and discovering new secrets that Khyber has to offer, BUT the thing is I am a member of one of the oldest if not the oldest guild on Riedra. The Dwarven Defenders. When we move we will be a new guild on this server all reputation lost except of those who merge with us. I know that many are leaving the game, not necessarily from our guild but from the server. A friend today told me the game is dying and as I look back at all the hours I have put into this the last year and a half or so that depresses me.

Along my journeys I have met many great people and wave my flag true. I look back over the many great times ive had from the time when Gastalt and Cyre "ruled" the server with their paralyzer and vorpal to the times when everyone has a paralyzer and vorpal. Glorious things have happened during that time. When I beta tested this game I looked forward to the day I would see epic levels, because like alot of you I was a geek that played pen and paper back in the day, but from what I am hearing we may not even see level 20.

I understand Turbine is a business, but I think we deserve a straight answer Turbine, are we dying? I feel kinda like the warforged on the intro of the game our home is being destroyed but has the war finally ended or is it at its end?

Riedra I love you as a server I have been reading old posts on our server and I cant help but chuckle at some of the old main characters that arent even played anymore. Indren. lol. Me Ive had the sme character since launch and regullaly play him but some are gone to the wind. I remember when quicktozzy was a wizard. I remember when Fatty told me to start using a shield. lol. I still dont. I remember the 6 hour tempest spine elite run when no one said it could be done. I remember when Tuff was Bjornto Be Wild. I remember when 99.9% of the guilds on reidra started. I remember the good times. But mostly I remember the people.

I am not leaving and thanks for hearing my rambling. I look forward to meeting you all on khyber and remember that there are alot of folks coming that are good experienced players please try to get to know us.