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    Default Empower healing with new metamagic?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quarion View Post
    These have just cleared QA and I've appended them to yesterday's WDA.

    Empower Spell: +15 SP
    Empower Healing Spell: +10 SP
    Enlarge Spell: +10 SP
    Eschew Materials: +2 SP
    Extend Spell: +10 SP
    Maximize Spell: +25 SP
    Quicken Spell: +10 SP
    Heighten Spell: Special (Changes base cost of your spell to that of your highest level spells)
    I hate math. Someone run the numbers for my capped Cleric on whether empower healing is a good feat to have now.

    I'm gonna guess no - a suped of Heal is plenty good and a CSW to top off the squishies.

    I have empower healing and want to drop it. I've run with it OFF for the last couple weeks and it doesn't seem to have been a problem.

    Then I would pick up maximize. The thought of a maximized blade barrier for 35+25 = 60 instead of 35x3 = 105 sounds really good to me.

    I have maximized on one of my capped Clerics and I occasionally (accidentally) leave it on when healing. Won't be so bad now.
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    I rarely use Empower Healing as is. Heal is 196 hp normally, that hits alot of people pretty well. Add in my Greater Potency 6 Scepter and I'm looking at 252 Heals. Yes we can hit over 300 hp these days, but it's not that common, and more importantly, 250 point Heals make a huge dent on someone with 300+ hp.

    Empowered healing Heals will be 28% more for 100% more healing. That's nice, but you don't even really need them hitting that hard (392).

    BB = 35 SP, maxed = 60 SP, 71% more SP for 100% more damage. Good times. Now if only you could Max or Empower Harm.
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    Default It depends

    Really, it depends on how much Improved Empower Healing reduces the additive cost of the feat. If it's only 2 per level of the enhancement, Cure Light Wounds just got 2 SP more expensive, Cure Moderate Wounds is 1 SP more, and you break even or better with any other spell. If it only decreases it by 1 per level, my Cleric is going to cry unless they reduce the cost associated with the enhancement line. If they reduce it by 3 per level, then all your healing spells just got much better.

    I'm guessing it's probably 2 SP less per level of the enhancement, which means that my Cleric got screwed over by this change, since all I every really cast was Cure Light Wounds and Cure Moderate Wounds. However, I did benefit from Heal, since it basically it became about 6 points cheaper to use.

    And I almost always use Empowered Healing when I cast Heal, since normally whomever I cast it on needs a lot of HP (mine heals for 399 or ~250 on a Warforged). Squishies get the Cure Moderate Wounds for about 60. And 300 HP is quite easy to get now. Your average Barbarian probably has about 400-450 now. I know mine now has 628 when I Rage. The difference of 150 more HP is quite noticable for only 4 extra SP.

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    Right, the break point (without Improved Metamagics) for Empower Healing is CSW which is equal in cost.

    Empower Healing (Levels 1-2 are more, Level 3 is equal, level 4+ is less)
    10, 15, 20 -CLW
    15, 23, 25 -CMW
    20, 30, 30 -CSW
    25, 38, 35 -CCW
    30, 45, 40 -CLW:m
    35, 53, 45 -Heal

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