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    Default Paladin X/RogueX/XXXX - Intimitank

    So my original thread got zapped, I never had the chance to see if there was any replies. I'll re-ask the question.

    So at the moment I have a Paladin5/Rogue1 and I was wondering what direction I could take this build to be a little different from the norm. So I was thinking bard...cant, I dont think because of alignment restrictions. I was thinking a few levels of sorc for some cool spells, but what our guild and this game really lacks (I feel) is more intimitanks. I think they would make any quest a walk in the park.

    So thats what Id like to build here, an intimitank. A build that grabs a tower shield, hits /shift, blocks, intimidates and holds the aggro. High AC is obviously prority, high saves, some nice self buffs throo UMD.

    So what should the split be? Paladin/Rogue/Fighter? Stick with Paladin/Rogue and buff with UMD? I was thinking another level of rogue for evasion then start splitting Paladin and fighter levels. So it would be Paladin8/Rogue2/Fighter4?

    I dont know what enhancements you get at what levels so any input here would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance guys.


    Oh and the build is a Drow, Im not adversed to rerolling to a dwarf for the dwarf armour mastery, although the spell resistances Drow get are very nice too.
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