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    Default Interested in hard core Permadeath?

    Anyone interested in a hard core PD playstyle? I'd like to put together a group/guild that enjoys hard core play more in-line with old school AD&D. I'm thinking along the lines of:

    --No raises via enhancement, shrine, recall or item
    --No commodity magic purchase from vendors (pawnbrokers only)
    --No Auction house
    --No recalling for more mana

    Essentially I'm looking for folks who enjoy the challenge of tough adventuring. If your interested let me know.

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    Ascension is my mixed perma-death guild on Cannith.

    Contact me on my main character: Lahz
    Or current perma-death character: Khaziir
    Leave me a mail message if you can't reach me in tells and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    If interested in joining the guild, let me know what times you are available for a quest together.
    I do not pass out blind invites.

    Currently we number only a few members.
    We're very laid back individuals who enjoy quests for the stories.
    We enjoy challenges, work together to overcome them, and create our own.
    Our golden rule is to play every quest like its your first time through.
    We're always willing to teach those willing to learn.
    We do not play only perma-death, we have normal characters too.
    We do not like zergers, and we don't use ship-buffs.
    We play both Eastern and Western timezones.

    Our Perma-death Rules may differ slightly from what you've seen or you're used to.

    Our Rules:
    If you die for ANY reason, you're dead.
    You may only be raised by raise dead or resurrection.
    You may only be raised a maximum of 10 times.
    You may pass gear from your dead character to the living party members IF your corpse was retrievable.
    You may start at level 1 or veteran status level 4.
    You may only play each quest once and you must play it on the highest available difficulty.
    You may group with any other perma-death player in the guild at any level.
    You may solo quests.
    You may only group with other perma-death characters.
    You may not purchase wands, potions, or scrolls from any vendor.
    You may not use the auction house or shared bank.
    You may not use hirelings.
    You may not use crafting.
    You may not use the DDO store, or store items.
    You may use collectables.

    You are not required to be VIP or premium.

    If there are any other Cannith server perma-death guilds or players hiding out there please contact me.

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    6 1/2 year necro.
    That's one of the better Raise Deads I've seen in a while. (Irony that's it's a PD thread.)
    CEO - Cupcake's Muskateers, Thelanis
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