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    Default The Iron Gallows, a Warforged death priest

    I’m reposting my Warforged necromancy focused caster cleric concept. Constructive criticism is welcomed!
    The Iron Gallows, a Warforged death priest.

    A True Neutral, 32ptWF, 14Necromancer (Cleric)

    S 12 (8base+4Item)
    D 12 (8base+4Item)
    C 26 (18base+2WF Enhancement+1Tome+5Item)
    I 12 (12base)
    W 30 (16base+3Level ups+3Cleric enhancement+2Favor tome+6Item)
    CH 14 (10base+4Item)

    Warforged Racial Abilities: Immunities (sleep, nausea, exhaustion, poison, disease, paralysis effects, energy drain, or spells that target humanoids, DQ wrack), extended time underwater before drowning, composite plating (+2AC, light fortification), automatic stabilization if incapacitated, healed by Arcane (full effect) or Divine/Bard spells (at –35% if cast by others; 105% benefit if self-cast).

    Class Granted Feats: Simple (all) weapon proficiencies, Shield (all except Tower) proficiencies, Turn undead, Divine spells.

    Level Feats:
    (1) Mental toughness I
    (3) Heighten
    (6) SF: Necromancy
    (9) GSF: Necromancy
    (12) Mental toughness II or Spell penetration I

    (Level/enhancements selected in order at each level)
    1: WF Healers friend I, Life magic I, Energy of zealot I
    2: WIS I, Wand/scroll mastery I
    3: WF CON I
    4: Life magic II
    5: Energy of zealot II, Wand/scroll mastery II, Spell penetration I
    6: WIS II
    7: Life magic III
    8: WF CON II, Wand/scroll mastery III
    9: Energy of zealot III
    10: Life magic IV
    11: WIS III
    12: Spell penetration II
    13: Energy of zealot IV
    14: Wand/scroll mastery IV

    Spell Points: 1247 (680base+207WIS+150Mental toughness II+110Energy IV+100Magi item)
    Spells known/level: 5/5/5/5/4/4/3

    DCs for selected Necromancy spells (assuming SF:N+1GSF:N+1Necromancyitem):
    (Will Save)
    Bestow curse 26

    (Fortitude Save)
    Slay Living 27
    Symbol of pain 27
    Symbol of fear 29
    Destruction 30
    Symbol of weakness 30
    Note: If the heighten metamagic feat is activated, all Necromancy spell DC’s is raised to 30.

    Concentration 28 (17base+8CON+2Recitation+1Prayer)
    Heal 43 (17base+10WIS+13Heal item+2Recitation+1Prayer)
    Diplomacy 35 (17base+2CHA+13Diplomacy item+2Recitation+1Prayer)

    Base Hit Points: 254 (i.e., 20Heroic+112Cleric+112CON+10Draconic)
    [Max Self buffed: 290 (254base+14Mass aid+8minimum from heroes feast+14Rage potion)

    Fortitude : 23 (+9Cleric+8CON+3C06 resistance trinket+2Recitation+1Prayer)
    Reflex: 11 (+4Cleric+1DEX+4Trapblast goggles+2Recitation+1Prayer)
    Will: 29 (+9Cleric+10WIS+5Nightforge helm+2Recitation+1Prayer+1Heroes feast)

    Base Attack Bonus: 10/10/15/20

    Armor Class:
    Typically: <20 AC with +1Fearsome docent+heavy fortification. Conclusion: -->Stay out of melee!

    Build Pros:
    1) Survivability-WF racial abilities are incredible! Moreover, heavy fortification status is easily obtained by equipping a commonly available moderate fortification item.
    -Decent hit points for a non-melee focused character (i.e., 254 base, 290 self-buffed) to help soak damage.
    -Self- and party buffing with Cleric spells.
    -Self-healing with spells and standard cure wands. With enhancements, this character will receive full benefit from standard cure spell or wand line.
    -Can be healed by multiple party members (bard, Cleric, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, wizard) if incapacitated.
    -True neutral alignment helps reduce damage taken from high-end content mobs that employ unholy weapons/arrows. True neutral alignment also affords a slight boost in AC if Stability docent and shields are equipped. This is not a melee or UMD build, so employing “of Pure Good” melee weapons for extra DPS was not a concern. Being unable to equip the rare Ring of the Ancestors is not a major loss given that a Cleric can no fail resurrection scrolls.
    -Can hot-swap docents quickly to tailor protection depending on mob. Typical docents include fearsome, deathblock, arrowblock, and the various elemental resistances. Sacred can be equipped when planning on turning undead.

    2) Fun factor.
    I suspect that this Cleric build will play very much like my arcane casters, and thus, I predict that it will be very enjoyable to rain down destruction upon would be foes with Slay Living/Destruction and other debilitating effects. As noted previously, the fortitude-based DC for Slay Living and Destruction spells (i.e., 27 and 30, respectively) will be adequate enough to dispatch most of the caster type mobs in the game (even in Elite level content). High CR rating melee-types may be more apt to resist, however, but this can be mitigated somewhat by casting Bestow Curse or Symbol of Pain first (or enabling the heighten metamagic feat). As an added boon, this character can perform the typical Cleric perfunctory roles of healing, raising fallen team members, and casting selected buffs.

    3) Equipment and Inventory Space
    This build can effectively equip more stat enhancing items onto the character at any given time than other builds, as WF immunities negate the necessity of needing to carry selected protection equipment (e.g., disease, poison, underwater action, etc.). More space is always a good thing.

    Build Cons:
    1) Less hit points and SP than a toughness and dwarven faith spec’d out Dwarf – although this applies to all non-dwarf races.

    2) Very low AC owing to non-body feat while dual wielding an assortment of spellcasting scepters (e.g., spell penetration, necromancy, etc.) and cure wands. Damage will be mitigated via equipment (e.g., fearsome or arrowblock docents), heavy fortification status (equip a mod fort item), ability to soak damage (i.e., 290 HP self-buffed), self-healing, using Diplomacy skill, and smart play. Play this character much as you would a traditional wizard.

    3) Social stigma of being a Warforged Cleric! Be prepared to brush off the “healbot” comments!
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