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    Default Cataclysm Recruiting Topic (of Doom) Ver. 2.0

    Hopefully this one doesn't disappear too

    Cataclysm is looking to bolster it's numbers and we potentially want you!

    Cataclysm, formerly known as the Outsiders, is a close knit, veteran, hard working and raid focused guild. Over the course of the last year, our core members have consistently completed many of the games toughest challenges at a lightning pace, and the rewards for our zeal have been impressive. We have been amongst the first guilds to complete each of the last three raids, and we plan to continue to continue this pace throughout the modules to come.

    If you're looking for a moderate sized guild with plenty of high end raid activities, Cataclysm could be the place for you!

    Now on to the important stuff. We're looking for people who fit all of the following:

    *Have at least two characters above Level 11
    *Driven to succeed
    *Good Personality
    *Have Voice Chat

    Contact any of the following Cataclysm Officers for further details:

    Styky / Neon / Creapyr / Kind / Skunky / Creepyr
    Vreb / Hellian / Vaaliant / Braff
    Gorine / Casz / Sarronn / Ohnor / Zaknifen
    Ulfgaar / Carpathia / Titanic / Merlina / Darr
    Qain / Yyrgral / Mystos / Myrlyna / Kithantian / Solnishka
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    Sorry Just Bumping this, since the new forum convergence threw it way back in the pages.
    I love you Abbot♥

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    You didn't tell them about our special introductory rate!

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    I just felt that it was wrong I hadn't posted Something here.
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    This is one of the nicest written recruitment posts.


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