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    Default Doos!

    U know what....Doofs are WWWWWAAAAAYYYYYYYY OVERPOWERED! be ready for the nerf 1 human (that has been hammerd) to another!

    here's hoping ur hammer hits u as hard as the 1 that hit me!

    The Bytcher~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Souless View Post
    U know what....Doofs are WWWWWAAAAAYYYYYYYY OVERPOWERED! be ready for the nerf 1 human (that has been hammerd) to another!

    here's hoping ur hammer hits u as hard as the 1 that hit me!

    The Bytcher~
    Holy Necro Batman!!!! (and I think you get extra necro points for bringing up the human versatility nerf....)
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    Default I beg to differ

    Quote Originally Posted by Drailog View Post
    Wizard - um yeah.. high con I guess helps when you **** the mob off.... for a whole whopping 14 extra HP with no armor class.
    so it looks like we are good at melee type classes. NOT 2/3... 1/2 with a hit to 2 of the 4
    Trust me: I have played a Dwarven Wizard for RP purposes; the saves, racial sturdy for balance and (yes even) extra HP pay off.
    Sorry to bring up such an old post...

    Be careful what you wish for, what you say is best; for sometimes what you seek is found, not at the end of the quest.
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    Default The Best of The Best

    Quote Originally Posted by LastNameRage View Post
    Dwarves should not be complaining about enhancement's, if anything they will be getting a nerf before another up to them. Dwarven Toughness, Dwarven Armor Mastery, Dwarven Faith, Dwarven Tactics...It's really quite ridiculous how powerful turbine has made the race with these enhancements...They have now become almost the best race for all classes imho (and many other's).
    Almost the best race? We have always been, and will always be the best race. What other race can drink themselves into a coma and still kick butt while trying to find their axe?
    Drink Old Sully's, after a couple pints even Orcs look good!
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    Yeah my highest lvl wizard so far was a dwarf and a blast to play. I even played him over my drow wizard because it was just so fun to have a wizard with so many hp.

    Dex is pretty much worthless after the early game for wizards. Strength isn't needed past enough to carry stuff which you can bulls strength yourself into almost right away (I did start off with a 10 strength though).

    So a dwarven wizard really has only 2 main stats that are and con and with a 32 point build you can go with this:

    Str 08 (0)
    Dex 8 (0)
    Con 20 (16)
    Int 18 (16)
    Wis 8 (0)
    Cha 6 (0)

    Seems like overkill on the con but Boosting strength and up a bit is easy and dex becomes pointless fast. Wisdom is just a small boost to saving throws and cha isn't going to matter much anyway.

    Therefore the choice is between dwarf/warforged or drow since those are the classes that get a bonus to stats important for a wizard. Admitingly drow get bonus spell points and SR etc.....but the dwarf gets more hp AND toughness bonuses. Not to mention while a drow gets +2 to int, it also gets -2 to con which is a negative.

    A normal wizard gets 4 hp per level.....a dwarven wizard gets 2 extra hp per level compared to an elf or drow from con bonus (+2 instead of -2) if they both spend the same # of creation points. In addition the dwarven wizard can spend AP to snag another 50 hp through toughness feats...which is = another 3 hp per level right now compared to a drow/elf etc.

    End result is a dwarven wizard can have quite a nice max hp allowing him to survive attacks that would obliterate a normal wizard and keep on going. You get spells like displacement, blur etc...which is more effective then AC anyway and makes your hp all that more useful.

    Add in the bonus to saves vs spells a dwarf gets, dwarven constitution (2 bonus con for the cost of 6 ap..boosting hp even higher) and the bonus to balance a dwarf gets (not to mention search which will be high from your int already and usable even with it only be cross class) and you have a winner.

    I much prefered my dwarf wizard then my drow.....drow had +1 DC on spells from higher int. Dwarf had 2x as many hp. Drow was decent at ranged attacks in the early levels and a bit harder to hit but by lvl 6 or so both of those stopped being an advantage. Drow had a bit more spell points (about 100 all together I think) but I'd trade 100 mana for a permanent spell that doubles your max hp any day.

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