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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanka View Post
    I've yet to fail the raid, even done it on Elite twice for favor for myself and others.
    The fact that you can complete it reliably doesn't mean it's a good gameplay experience. Obviously, there are some games which are so easy that they're not fun to play. The Titan Awakes is more complicated: it is both too easy in some ways and too hard in others, adding up to an encounter that's not nearly as fun as it could be.

    There are two core problems with The Titan Awakes:
    1. It is a raid mission in which only two player characters have mildly interesting jobs. Chopper- check. Runner- check. Ok, everyone else just stand there and heal yourself if you get blasted. Aside from the chopper and runner it makes no difference if I have 4 other players or 8 more: they all have the same job of standing there and healing themselves.

    2. The most important and interesting job is that of chopper, but it is also the most unforgiving one, where messing up more than twice will fail the quest. Thus, a party cannot really afford to let someone inexperienced be the chopper. For maximal success rate there is serious pressure that only the best chopper be allowed to do it, obstructing any new players from learning how (unless they are in a group who has decided to make an explicit goal of teaching other players how to do it)

    To fix the Titan Awakes they should do the following changes:
    1. Hitting the Titan with a laser will still work even if he's not laying down.

    2. The laser has a more significant delay when firing, making it difficult to hit the Titan if he's not laying down.

    3. The laser only does a little damage to the Titan. Instead, it debuffs his shield for about 30 seconds, allowing players to damage him themselves.

    4. Make the Titan trippable with Trip, Improved Trip, Grease, and Cometfall, although his stats should be such that he will mostly pass the saves to resist those effects. Also, he would take longer to stand back up if hit with those effects, instead of an actual pillar.

    5. Each pillar that hits the titan damages him for 10% of his total hp.

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    i really gotta get round to beating this guy, to think i only need 4 quests to max favor and i am still yet to even beat the titan (saw him about 30 times back in they days he was "undefeatable" it was good bak then, it was the holy grail of quests).
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