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    Quote Originally Posted by Kashka_Coolwater View Post
    hey axe it was GREAT to see you at the party! What a surprise! *cheer*
    Next time though. you aint escaping my clutches without draining a Waterworks.
    Dood. That thing was freaking DISGUSTING looking.

    For anyone who wasnt there: She made a drink 'The Waterworks' - and it looked like sewage. The only thing it needed was a terd floating in it to complete the visual.

    I dont care WHAT it tasted like
    Long Live New Xoriat
    "I wish I had a chest so big you could zone into it." - Tolero at Gencon '07
    Thank you Gary - 3/4/08

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    actually the 'turd' sunk to the bottom.. least I thought it was till I discovered it was just Venn's rotting corpse

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    Great seeing all of you at the party, sorry I didnt stay for "the waterworks" taste test, I would have downed it on a dare, just to keep the "Kegtapper" legacy going......

    Shaamis is REBORN!

    Stronger!Faster! DRUNKER THAN EVER!!!

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    Default Details of Shaamis' game: "Dare to reach into Shaamis' Sack" game

    I have completed a list of items that Shaamis has collected from various locations around his "house".

    These items are all up for "grabs"

    1) Everyone that wants to play will get a piece of paper to write their name, and the character's name they wish to have their "prize" sent to (after Gencon)
    2) One grab per player.
    3) All are in-game items/collectibles/plat, no RL rewards (this year....)
    4) Grab one piece of paper from the sack, which will have a number on it. I will read what you received and where Shaamis found it.

    Here is a list of some of the items in the sack:

    collapsed portable hole
    Irian eternal day jelly cake
    white dragon scale
    blue dragon scale
    Ch. +1 cloak of gr. Light. Res.
    +5 full plate
    ring of feathers 17/20
    Tasty ham
    Striding 25% ring of jump +3
    Ch. +5 ring of intimidate +3
    1 Siberys Dragon shard
    cloak of gr. Cold resist
    Str +5 belt of less. False life
    con +2 necklace of haggling +10
    Deaths locket
    +1 Ch. Sh. Of the Magi
    4 scrolls of enervation
    3 scrolls of teleport
    4 scrolls of Raise dead
    potion: prot. From acid
    +1 man. Of bod. Health
    +1 tome of understanding
    +1 Anarch. Burst gr. Axe of decept.
    candy cane (30)
    ring of rage (1)
    feath. Fall boots of swim +11
    +1 banishing shortbow
    goggles of haste (3)
    candy cane (5) +1 thundering kama of smiting
    +3 keen kama of smiting (wf:24)
    +1 frost heavy pick of smiting
    deathblock robe of mod. Fort
    +2 wounding light pick of puncturing
    +2 seeker 2 longsw. Of deception
    Ivory scorpion icon (collectble)
    shred of tapestry
    Irian eternal day jelly cake
    Irian eternal day jelly cake
    2 dolurrh realm of dead jelly cakes
    2 dolurrh realm of dead jelly cakes
    2 dolurrh realm of dead jelly cakes
    2 dolurrh realm of dead jelly cakes
    2 dolurrh realm of dead jelly cakes
    +2 seeker 2 gr.axe of gr. Eveil outsider bane
    fire guard outfit of haste (3)
    deathblock outfit of axeblock
    fireguard outfit of solid fog (3)
    +3 cripp. Ret. Throwing hammer of right.
    goggles of solid fog (5)
    +1 sacred docent of solid fog (3)
    50,000 plat stash
    1 dirty kobold drink
    1 bowl of murky water
    1 piece of stale bread
    1 bubbling brown froth
    1 grilled turkey leg
    +4 str ring of perform +3
    Mabar, endness night jelly cake
    +1 banish lt. Crossbow of maiming
    boots of divine power
    5 adamantine ore
    +2 deathblock docent
    helm of the white dragon
    elixer of maj. Mnewm. Enhan.
    +4 transm. Gr. Sw. of right.
    wis. +1 ring of prayer (5)
    str +6 belt of bull's str
    +1 holyburst gr.axe of decept. (rake)
    feth. Fall boots of hypnotism
    Maelstrom (ml:2)
    Prysuul's bane (Bast. Sw)
    +1 vorp bast. Sw. of pure good
    +2 holy hvy mace of gr. Constr. Bane
    Skyvault shield
    +5 ret. Throwing hammer
    FF boots of tumble +13 WF:22
    dis. Imm. Belt of gr. False life
    1 oil of serious repair
    10 potions of heroism
    +5 str belt
    bow of elements (air)
    +5 Int goggles
    +1 con belt of hvy fort
    +5 full plate of shield (3)
    +1 transmut. Dagger of punct.
    +6 Cha helm of pow I (dw:20)
    Silver Longbow
    +2 keen dagger of gr. Law. Outs. Bane
    +1 para. Dagger of less. Ch. Outs. Bane
    +1 impact adam. Light hammer of smiting
    +2 dagger of gr. Dragon bane
    +1 banish ret. Dart of pure good
    Tortued livewood bow
    +3 str bracers
    Tyrzza's bane (rapier)
    +6 armored bracers of repair +3
    +6 Charisma helm "
    +1 icy burst bat. Axe of pg
    +3 fl. Burst Gr. Sw. of right.
    fragment of the silver flame
    8 scrolls of summ. Monst VI
    Bottle of Air
    50 shuriken crown of pow I
    wis +1 necklace
    13 beholder cookies
    +1 shock kama of smiting
    8 velah red dragon cookies
    8 velah red dragon cookies
    8 velah red dragon cookies
    8 velah red dragon cookies
    Kneeza's bauble (+1 wis)
    10 repair kits +1
    10 Healer's kits (+1)
    Uwa hat of m. missile (duckbill hat)
    +1 acid ret. Thr. Dagger of pure good
    ring of improved false life
    +1 holy burst gr. Axe of pure good
    cloak of res. +2
    Gr. Axe of the chained soldier
    1000 doses of bull dung

    Hope to see a lot of Kyberians at the Party!
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    Shaamis is REBORN!

    Stronger!Faster! DRUNKER THAN EVER!!!

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