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    Penny Arcade Expo is August 24-26 in Seattle. More info here:

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    Default What are the dates?

    So when is pax this year and where is it being held?
    ...And if the band your in starts playing different Tunes...
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    I'll be there, as will my wife (annetrent).

    PAX is great BTW. If you can make it out there I highly recomend it. Lots of D&D this year as well. RPGA will be there in force and there is always a D&D dualing tournament that I've had fun with the last two years.
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    SWEET! Hurray! At least living in Seattle for PAX will allieviate some of my teeth gnashing that I can't get to Indy and Gencon in 3weeks.
    hrm.. pondering fiesta!
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