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    Default Request for Friend List

    I would like to put forward to the Dev's and community the request to include a FILE FOLDER implementation in the friends list. I know that I, for one, play with people and not specific toons. It would be helpful if the list could be organized via click and drag as well, but that is secondary.

    Invisioned layout:

    Friends List:

    .....the rest of Bob's toons (bob being the name/label I typed in to identify player Bob to myself)



    I think that this change would be of great help to knowing when ppl were on, would cut down on the friend list length, and would facilitate the general usage of the friends list. In order to be included in the file/subfile, each toon's name would still have to be entered seperately in order to preserve privacy and the anonymous implementation would still be able to be implemented however it works out to be.

    thoughts? responses please?

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    Default great idea

    I think this is a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tygre View Post
    .....the rest of Bob's toons (bob being the name/label I typed in to identify player Bob to myself)
    It might be better to ask the question: Why shoudl I have to add each individual character as a friend, instead of simply the player account as a whole?

    Although it's true that sometimes a person might create a new character and not want other players to know who it is, that's a rarity. In general the purpose the friends list is to know when people are online... people who are your friends.

    The natural suggestion is to give players a toggable checkbox they can use to set all their characters linked together. Anyone who has one of those characters Friended will see when any of them is online (with the name of the "prime friend" following parenthetically). Furthermore, tells sent to one of those characters will be forwarded to whichever of those characters is online.

    (As a more complex option, it could allow you to designate only some of your characters as linked together)

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    I also really like this idea.
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