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OK let not get carried away with saying stuff like Ring of the great Ancestors - Raise Dead 10/day, or Greataxe of improved vorpal, which kills on any crit hit. But what new named items would you like to see be added.

Like heartseeker, a +1 longbow that kills any target with a beating heart on a confrim crit. IE a vorpal bow.

Or Evershot. +3 longbow of transmutation of evershot. Evershot supplies a endless supplies of arrows for the archer

Otto dance robes. When a mob hit the user they must save or be effected by Otto dance.. Also the devs could have fun with this one by making the robes look like something from the saturday night fever. Just image your dwarf barb in that white suit with big collar

Or add weapon with of Otto dance that on a hit the target must make a save of be effect by ottos dance. Kind of like a para but instead they dance.
Ring of scolastic study:+4 insight bonus on all skills(stacking with other items that give skill bonuses)

Rod of beguiling:50 charges of mass suggestion,greater enchantment focus(until item is out of charges of course)

The black dragon:+4 bastard sword,upon a sucessful attack target is affected by a dispel magic at the level of ability of its weilder.

Spell fury:+4 bastard sword,+4 to ac while held(as deflection bonus)+4 resistance to saving throws,functions as a ring of spell turning while held.

flash mantlecloak) blindness ward,when wearer is struck 20% chance of emitting blinding flash,true seeing 1/rest.

hour glasses:regenerates 5 spell points per minute(always acitve)

talon of final word:kills 1 target(automatic death regardless of red named exe,no save)single use item.

shield of retribution:each time the weilder is struck by a melee(hand held weapon)attack the attacker must make a fortitude save DC:23 or suffer 2d6 damage.

hat of disguise:enemies must make a will save DC:17 or ignore the wearer believing him or her to be one of them,attacking the mob negates this effect.