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    Default opps on my back again

    how do i improve my balance skill? I never bothered inventing points in this cross class skill as i leveled my paladin. Now i find at level 14 that I spend too much knocked down..not hurt, or anything just on my back..
    Do i have to give up my golden greaves and the attendendt DR to get balance boots. Or is there some other arcane way to boost my balance.
    Even with my dex boosting ring. my modifier is -2.5 on balance

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    - get armor/shield with lower ACP
    - find boots, belt or ring of balance
    - ask Turbine for a skill respec

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    so far the best item i know of is the invaders ring
    If you want to know why...

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    As far as I was told....balance, the feat and the items, do nothing to help you save versus a trip or getting put on your proverbial by a wind elemental.

    It is, as I was told, a strength check period..

    the balance is for the roll to recover and get up.

    That is why if you made a mage with 8 strength you find it hard to not get knocked down all the time...

    That is why your fighter with the 30+ strenght gets thrown around by a wind elemental but a lot of the times still be standing...

    So.....throw a point or two in helps you run quicker, get tripped less, carry more, deal with stat damage via spells or undead, can cast more or fight more while standing...
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