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    [QUOTE=turbobrick;1251928]I started playing when DDO was released as Retail. Then after a few months stopped playing for a while. Now that I'm back the Auctions seemed to have made it difficult to play. Almost no one sells to Brokers anymore but when the brokers only give about 10% of base I can see why. I also have seen and read about people complaining about Plat sellers. If it is going to be difficult to get/make money, I almost see no other way.

    1.)Make it so that when you are selling something that you get 50% of base value automatically. Then every pt of Haggle increases that by 1%. So a 25 Haggle would give you 75% of the base on items when selling.

    If you had asked me 6 months ago before the AH came, I would have been against this idea (there was already too much money in circulation). However, with a 4 million plat cap, I see no reason now not to do this. I would like to see the vendors used more. Medivel economies never ran off an auction house, and as much as I am surprised to admit (and like the auction house utilitarianly), I kinda miss the days when economic transactions were done through vendors.

    2.)Make a penalty for people who remove items from auction when there are already bids on it. Just because someone isn't making what they wanted isn't fair to the people biding on it. I think 10% or greater penalty of the last bid would help prevent this. Maybe even give a portion of the $ penalty to the last bidder as an apology to wasting his time.

    I think that the best way to remedy this is have a reserve. I think sellers need to able to pull an item and I think buyers need to know if they should expect it to get pulled. I am not sure a penalty will accomplish anything, especially since people don't need plat. I understand that a minimum is suppose to work as a reserve, but obviously it doesn't. Please make it seperate

    Just my opinion

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    Default brokers should pay more

    I agree the brokers should pay more. I would take time out of adventuring to use them more often. As it is now, if I don't keep an item for my own or guild usage, I either try to auction or just sell at a tavern, and have it removed from game. I may repost a really nice item but usually if it doesn't sell, it either goes to a broker or once again; and more often; the tavern. I also tend to set a buy-out at or just above the appraised value, (about the same as the auction house cut).
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