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And I suppose you're an expert programmer that actually has an idea how long this would take? As far as I'm concerned, this *is* adding content to the game. On top of that, it is adding depth to a game that is sorely lacking in that department. D&D is all about character customization and making choices for your characters. This only adds to that, not take away from it.

False, the power gamers already know that lawful good is the best alignment so this would barely benefit them except for maybe their very first character (if it hasn't been re-rolled already). With that said, this implementation will allow the people who had no idea how alignment would affect their character equipment as they get higher level to rectify that initial mis-step, one they had no control over. That isn't a theory, it's a fact. That is of course you care to argue that people who rolled their first character a week after DDO came out already knew from the start that the devs had put in chaosgarde or the deleras bracers which are alignment restricted.

With the amount of bugs that exist in DDO (many of which still unfixed), I think I'll give these players the benefit of the doubt thanks.

Well, I might be simplifying things a little bit but here is how I see the development process of these types of quests will play out.

1. The writers come up with a script for the npc which involves several diverging trees that will in the end determine what the character's new alignment be. The dialogue would pose moral dilemmas and choice making or something along the lines of that. Frankly, this is something that even a college undergrad majoring in psychology/philosophy can conjure up in a week's time.

2. The programmers come up with specific scripts that will examine your character's class(es) and determine which alignment choices should be allowed and eliminate the dialogue trees of the other alignments. Basically it'll be a similiar script as the one that is used when you first select your charcters class in the creation screen. Not exactly a revolutionary and intensive coding job.

3. Recycle existing textures and 3D models as these quests will be dialogue driven for the most part thus minimizing the need for new "purty" eye candy graphics.

There, that's my take on what a huge "time sink" this chain of quests will be. Heck, the way I see it, this can even be a one size fits all quest chain which is far less combat intensive thus it should require far less time to put together than your average DDO quest chain such as co6, deleras or threnal.
If they do allow alignment changes you should lose 1 to one half of your levels in old dnd you did lose at least a level and I think in hackmaster(based on 1 and 2nd ad&d) I think you could lose up to half not to mention risking just having your former deity smite you out of spite.