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    Quote Originally Posted by KristovK View Post
    So...let me get this straight...your idea of player interaction is PvP? Characters trying to kill each other?
    You are aware that competition between players, whether to the death or simply to see who can jump the farthest, is all PvP. Yes, you have to have competition between players in an MMO. Without it, the world stagnates, there are no player storylines, and there's never anyone around who's been there for more than a few years.

    Can you have events like the "Stormreach Olympics" without enabling people to environmentally interact with each other? Sure you can. With the incredible 3D engine that we use in the game it can even be interesting. It's not why I picked a fantasy role-playing game, however. You could have "the Sims Online Olympics" or any other variation and the contest would be nearly identical.

    I find it hard to believe that I have to actually explain everything that they've removed from the true D&D game by PvP-proofing it. It really doesn't have much to do with killing:

    1) There is never any uncertainty about who is friend and who is foe. Subterfuge and deception aren't part of the game. Rogues could actually have a place in the game if they were.

    2) As mentioned before, all wizard AoE damage spells become much less tricky to wield. While many people probably think this is a good thing, I think that strategy and tactics in gameplay took a serious kick to the groin.

    3) Alignments and affiliations don't mean anything. A paladin and an assassin perform the same daily duties.

    4) Most importantly, every enemy is a stupid one that doesn't play by the same rules you do.

    Quote Originally Posted by KristovK View Post
    And your counter argument is wrong, they have stated that what we see for PvP is what we'll see for PvP in the future, nothing more will be done with it, it's a non-entity on the dev's to-do lists. The game was actually touted as NOT having PvP, read the interviews again, they were pretty clear that it wasn't going to be in the game and wasn't a factor to be considered. Many of us were disappointed by the addition of PvP to shut up the vocal minority who whined, cried and screamed until it was added. Please note that almost a year after PvP was added, NOTHING has been done with it, not a damn thing. Devs said they wouldn't do anything more with PvP and so far, they've kept their word and that makes most of the player base very happy.
    Please provide the developer quote link so that I can avoid wasting my time further.
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