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    Good: Fascinating a bunch of mobs before they reach the party.

    Bad: Paladin runs through, hitting every single mob. Excuse: "I didn't see the fascinate effect, so I was trying to draw their aggro."(What, the fact that they stopped moving and were standing still, making it very easy to hit them as you ran through didn't give you a clue?)

    Worse: The paladin that just completely ruined a perfectly good your wife. And she knows better. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and go on.

    On another note, people, when you are taking care of the cleric, don't forget that bards often contribute a significant amount of resources also, usually with no compensation ever offered. I've had many similar runs, where people praised the cleric and gave them money, yet I was offered nothing, despite going through probably just as many heal scrolls and wands as the cleric did. I'm not saying the cleric didn't do a good job, but particularly in raids, there's only so much one cleric can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Missing Minds View Post

    You mean you've actually got some fighters trained to know what hypno is? WOW... I didn't think they could learn anything honestly with the mentality that everything must be hit at least once. *grumble*

    Let alone they NEVER, EVER give you a single chance to actually suggest anything with your songs.

    Melee "hey, give us some crack."
    Bard "Why?"
    Melee "We kill faster."
    Bard "Ok, I'll give you crack but then you won't get any songs, or healing."
    Melee "What????!!!! Why would you be so stupid?!"
    Bard "It is a little thing called tatics. You take less damage if I facinte everything first so you can kill each thing one at a time and you don't give the healer (in half time times, ME.) a heart attack trying to keep you up. So if I give you only haste, you should, by your thinking, be able to kill them faster than they could ever hurt you."
    Melee "duh.... I kill things. Give me haste."
    Bard *sighs, and later saves the party from a party wipe.... over and over and over.*


    Melee "Hey, cleric, great job healing!" *hands over a few wands and plat for the effort."
    Cleric "Any time buddy." *still has a mostly full mana bar, and is dual weapon welding.*
    Bard *gets a box of rocks for end reward and is called a whiney player, although their mana bar is tapped and had to go through several neumonics and scrolls to keep the party up.*

    Saddly.. this is no joke to those of you without bards. I see this happen over and over and over...
    Oh so true.

    Sadly soooooo true.

    I'm lucky that I've found a guild that knows what bards do.

    I don't have to tell them I'm fascinating, although usually I do. They just take the queue from each other which mob to pick on first, and then they focus on that one (or two if someone is tempted ).
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    We don't pick on you. Ummmm..... nevermind.


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