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    Default pending a disaster

    pending a disaster stratevera should be there tonight...lord knows what i've missed


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    Default i will really miss the groups.

    I had a blast playing with u guys as Hyldr and Mitso. I should be back around September or so, (depending on our financial situation and time schedule) I had started to get bored with DDO till I joined u guys, but real life has a way of pulling u out of fun things. anyhoo, when and if I get back I'll give ya a holler, mayber roll up a new character for a new group or something. ( really want to try out monks when they are implemented.) Till then, (my subscription is up as of this friday) have fun.


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    Default Tuesday night teams

    Hi Tuesday Nighters,

    I was the cleric who dropped in two tuesdays ago, and I wanted to say I had a blast. It was one of the best game experiences I've had in DDO. Unfortunately, life intervened last week (like a wrecking ball intervenes), and I couldn't make it. I'm planning on signing in tonight though. Hope to see you guys there.

    I know that two weeks ago there was some discussion of adding a caster. Let me know if you'd prefer I run my caster instead of my cleric, and I'll do so. Either way is fine with me.


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    Default Greetings Guildmates!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I run two characters in the guild. (currently training them to be of appropriate levels) Both of my characters are currently homeless rogues ~smirks~ but that never lasts long. Thalion and I have discussed this some and we agree that I should float between the groups as they have need until a suitable home is manifest. Weekday nights from 8pm EST on are perfectly fine with me and the easiest way to reach me is through private messages on this forum or through in game messages. These are my alter egos and a little information regarding each:
    Aereg - Human Bard lvl 2 (will remain a pure bard)
    Larceni - Human Ranger lvl 2 / Rogue lvl 1 (rogue from here up)

    Hope to see you all soon, happy adventures!
    ~Relik Arkane

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    Talking Hey Thursday Group!

    With Phainen MIA (RL issues) and Thalion having a Great idea.

    I have started a New Thread for the Thursday group updating our current Group Members and Levels. Check it out Thursday Persistant Group on Sarlona

    If we start posting there we can hopefully stop some of the confusion on who has openings between the Tuesday and Thrusday groups, and also seperate some of the questions others have had.

    So stop in and say HI! , and see ya'll Thursday.
    Guild Leader of "Rest in Pieces" Sarlona RP guild
    Officer of Dedicated Teams Guild be a part of a larger community

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    I started a new thread for the Tuesday night Groups to help clean things up:
    Sarlona - Role Playing: Ardoon - Cleric-1/Fighter-1, Hieronymus - Pal-10, Perfideous - Rog-23, Torrak - Barb-9, Klauria - Sorc-8
    Ghallanda - Old Timers Guild: Marrcis – Ftr-20, Marrcus-Ftr-17, Destructer – Ftr-18, Kleban - Barb-17, Saraphinia - Rgr-11/Mon-2/Pal-3, Marcusta - Sorc-15, Torrak - Monk-12

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