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  1. Title Goes Here

    Just to get this out of the way, I love the idea of calling the "sphere points" "Karma" (Rinnaldo you are a genius)

    Ok, so the idea that current triple completionists are getting screwed by...
  2. Ding-a-ling

    Ding your Character has died, You were killed by lack of compassion.
  3. Voodoo!

    Kindof a dumb question with the new expansion and hotfix that literally JUST came out...apparently by ghosts? As to your download issue, considering the amount of vocal players in DDO if it were a...
  4. Save TP, Live Better.

    Firstly, the "best" tomes are always limited release and very rarely match up with a sale. I understand your disappointment and I don't mean to be dismissive when I say "that's just the way it is"...
  5. Really? REALLY?

    Every day people complain about bugs, lag, launcher errors, overpower and nerfs, etc. then as soon as they say they are going to try and address these issues you start bashing them? I'm so tired of...
  6. Replies

    Calm it down

    Shade is like a dragon, Some people want to ally with him, some people want to kill him but the fact remains he is a force. You can choose to take offense at his postings or perhaps his tone, but the...
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    Do you really think that everyone is having this much trouble because we didn't read the NPC dialogue? There is more to it than that sir.
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    So today I was running around the kings forest chatting with my guildees who were off doing their own thing and I encountered the Hunter's Feast for the umpteenth time. As I was griping about how...
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