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    Looking for guild on Argonnessen

    One main character, not playing alts. Been playing MMOs since Ultima Online beta... if you know what that is lol :)

    Love this game as it has an ADVENTURE feel to it vs just completing quests or...
  2. Thank you for all the awesome replies, at least...

    Thank you for all the awesome replies, at least the community is very helpful here :)

    I've played DDO 56 hours and I'm level 1/7 (rogue/wizard), I don't look up any dungeons or farm because I...
  3. Dungeon Reset 5 Minutes after Death, this info needs to be more obvious.

    I just spent 3+ hours running the Caverns of Korromar solo (with no referencing), I got all the way to the last room.... got nuked-killed by the monster at the end.

    I had to run and buy another...
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    healing out of combat, so SLOW

    Is there anyway to speed up the out of combat heal and spell regen time? it's quite boring to have to sit and wait for regen...

    mage 6, thief 1.

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