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  1. Failed to launch client!

    Error Message Screenshot:

    Text of Screenshot:
  2. "Truth", "Loyalty" - Concepts people respect!

    You have to ask yourself - "Why do companies hide the truth?" OR "Are they telling the truth and people aren't listening?"

    Most times, working in the business of investigating issues, I find that...
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    Guild cannot access guild ship and no one at turbine to take care of the matter.

    Our guild has been unable to enter the guild ship for the past two days. We click on the door, the transition screen appears, then we appear outside the door where we tried to enter. Also, for my...
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    Any resolution to this yet? I haven't seen one.

    I'm curious if there has been any fix for this or configuration changes that can be made to minimize the impact. I'm getting a new system soon, but there should be no problem with this. It's a...
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