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    Had an issue on saturday myself

    Was trying to switch toons game went down when i logged back in got stuck on cleaning up connection then ddo error all the login servers are full took me about hour to get back on. There was a...
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    Didn't see it as a known issue so wasn't sure if it was random or a bug
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    Artifact question for saga end reward

    Out of 5 toons i have done so far i have gotten and artifact list 4 time the list is the same each time:
    Band of Diani ir'Wynarn Bracer Minor Artifact
    Minimum Level:29
    Maximum Filigree Slots: 3
  4. i got same message

    my wife got your account had been suspended check you email but she came back on and is fine i can't stay on
  5. Where did you find the weapon crafter

    I looking at the nearly finished list and the station in artificiers section and could only find upgrades to new and old items and raid item?
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    looking for Dusty Air Elemental

    can send me a tell on Gythe or leave me a message here thanks
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    Longest raid

    Had a really bad tank for a strahd run over 3 hours using rise of phonix and jibbers and still no complions
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    Small mistake

    These items are granted once and only on server and toon you are on when you enter code:
    • Major Guild Renown Elixir x3
    • Greater Treasure Hunter's Elixir X20
    • Astral Shards x140
    • Extra...
  10. Maybe there close

    They usually post an extension when they should be coming back if they know it will be awhile
  11. Don't think so

    When you preorder you get a code doesn't activate till you log in and use the code so till the game up shouldn't be a problem
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    The cube or the minotaur

    The cube for sure no chance the minotaur could hurt him he bounce back every time
  13. Looking to trade Plat on Ghallanda for same on Sarlona

    Just started playing on Sarlona so looking to improve guild airship ect so wanting to get plat on Sarlona, Have millions on Ghallanda been on there for many years not leaving Ghallanda just playing...
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    Thanks for the fast response

    also to arkat appreciate the feedback and it makes sense in a way but was only asking cause usually races are eventually released individual from the packs later and have tried the iconic bard miss...
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    My question is this...

    From the release notes posted for latest update "Racial Completionist has been removed from those who have it due to the arrival of Tiefling." does that mean even if i don't own tiefling that is will...
  16. sad it doesn't work right for favor

    say you picked up first tier house p so you char can get use jump buff in your early life but never picked up second tier because trinket is useless if you have ship buff, when you do pick up second...
  17. The Favor rewards not be retroactive kind of disappointing

    Out of my 18 playing toons most are high level for reaper and raiding. Hope they didn't pick up favor! Sad to lose all those bonues till a new race or class come out where they need to tr but that...
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    Wouldn't mind knowing about this too

    Been running low level quests and have gotten numerous messages for free ddo point would be nice to know if there true?
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    anyone have pics of bull armoers

    there arent pictured on here
  20. Waa sad to see the treasure hunters spyglass didnt change

    spot and search is what made it a spyglass not sure why it changed but i guess some will like it as long as the old still work will not switch mine out
  21. Thanks good to know

    in all the runs i have made personally and in groups never seen a weapon and item drop that is why i thought it was just named loots list guess we all just have bad luck. Thanks for the fast...
  22. any chance of

    splitting the loot drops in ravenloft into two list one for ravenloft random weapons and one for items very low drop rate of items high drop rate of named weapons nice for upgrading sentient weapon...
  23. might have had to do double to release those stuck toons

    and a second to fix the issue of them getting stuck
  24. Would love to see in the patch to loot drops

    have noticed it is harder to get named items because weapons seem to be on same loot table would be nice to separate them and increase drop rates to promote people wanting to run high level quests...
  25. didn't see anything on lamania

    sorry link came through as i was posting
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