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  1. "Warriors of the Ham" - Newly Established Family-Friendly Guild - Now Recruiting

    Currently the guild is only level 8. The main focus is on casual & casual endgame play. Myself and my daughter run the guild. I'm looking for officers as well as guild members. We're looking for...
  2. Khyber - Seeking to Join or Create Guild

    I'm returning to the game after several years off. I started playing just after launch and have always been a solid player, though very slightly rusty with outdated equipment (for now). I've run a...
  3. Returning Player Seeking to Join or Create Guild

    I began playing DDO in March of 2006. I've taken a few years off, but I was always very active & ran a few guilds of my own (before the really cool guild features). I play mostly with my 12-year-old...
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