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    Re: Builds :D

    I play on Khyber Server mostly is where all of my stuff is. :) I am asking now what is it that I can do for you or u need from me for you to make me a kick ass favored soul solo ability toon. Just...
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    RE: Lammania Download

    Is there anyone out there who has found a new link for the lammania download yet? I have even contacted tech support on this issue with...sigh alas no creative :) I am yet to see if...
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    Sticky: RE: Khyber Server on 12-26-12

    Hello all! If there is any way that someone can update me today on the Khyber server ordeal as to why it is down I would greatly appreciate it, I have had that issue all day today. If anyone knows...
  4. Guild Wars NEW FIGHTER GUILD!!!! 3-

    Hello! This is to let people know that the postings for new Guild War members is underway! I just need that lovely person who has the capability to start one up through the main forums. I need that...
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