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  1. Didn't Tolero explain the reasoning a few weeks back at DDOCast?

    I think Tolero explained the reasoning of why they are offered as a bundle Robai (found it: episode 404: The issue is, if they would allow players to buy Shadowfell,...
  2. Sky high or "free like candy"

    Interesting discussion. Should one be limited to 2 races and a lot of top level equipment and/or potions for being effective as a PM at the highest level quests on EE?

    Now, I don't really have a...
  3. Agree. I have seen issues on Sarlona and today...

    Agree. I have seen issues on Sarlona and today even on Wayfinder! Oh, and my friend got locked out of the game when he logged off to switch to Eveningstar - hasn't been able to get back in for almost...
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    Sorry you dislike it. But others do not!

    Well, sorry to see you dislike the event. I myself haven't seen any extra lag occurring. As for the quests, I think its a fun way to re-use older quests for an event like this. Now, I would love if...
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    So what to make of the balance pass?

    First of all, let me say that "balancing" the game by taking some of the power creep out is needed to keep the game fun to play in the long term. As such its a positive that the Devs have realised...
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    The change they introduce now puts a CAP on the maxium benefit you can get. For a Lvl 20 Paladin its 2+3*20 = 62 (Which would cap out at 134 CHA). If you have say 15 levels of paladin you would be...
  7. I had something that looked somewhere similar after re-instaling Win7 to refresh my P

    I had something pretty much the same as you describe after swiped my pc and reinstalled windows from the manufacturer backup.

    I had to first switch off windows defender, and then go in deep and...
  8. Expect failure, and enjoy learning from ot or laughing it off

    Yes, to give us challenge it is key to have a good chance of failing. Because then our incentive to do it again is to improve ourselves, our approach and off course our character+gear to be able to...
  9. I think you read what you wanted to answer to and not what I said.

    Sorry, but your must have completely misunderstood my point there. You say that you like building up your character and finding challenges and pose it as if that is in contradiction with having fun...
  10. Grinding is not the game, its what WE the players make of it

    Actually I can imagine someone wanting to complete matches ASAP to rake in a certain amount of "wins" who therefore chooses the weaker opponents. Its exactly what we do ourselves when we go and rack...
  11. But is that really the point?

    Sorry Axel, and no I don't want to single you out here by answering to this post, my reaction is more in general.

    Ok, you argue that the point of the game is to adventur and acquire things. But IS...
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    looking forward to the read!

    Thank you for posting, looks like a great idea. Just downloaded it for reading
  13. Lovely idea

    Sadly I wasn't able to take part on Saturday for family reasons and on most in our regular group had to work and some went to a concert.
    But I really love the idea of this and I hope it helped...
  14. Gunpowder!

    Touché. I would use Gunpowder, to have it pack a punch for that Bull market!
  15. Tealeaves you say?

    Actually, I think using tea leaves to predict the stock market is as good as most methods used by traders. Off course having computers react to tiny things works, but that is not based on prediction...
  16. Happy Birthay by the way Dunklezhan

    Maybe Severlin secretly loves you and wishes you to spend the afternoon of your Birthday out in the glorious, burning sun (great time to run a dark sun PnP campain maybe?). By the way, enjoy the day...
  17. hm, but with more players, whe might have completely different HW to match

    Interesting. Although your point about more players having to mean more issues is not necessarily right, as the physical hardware / data center capacity reservation (whichever, not sure, but I would...
  18. not quite accurate. It went both ways

    That is not quite accurate. As I understand it, the issue went two ways: on the one hand it gave a few remnants to clearly over level characters (shouldn't be a big deal, but yeah its in favor of the...
  19. Thanks for adding in the time converter link Jerry!

    The sooner the better with Hotfixes, eh. Although I think that its a bit of a shame that remnants dropping for over level characters is also getting cut back out (a sliding scale where you get less...
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    Yes please on Omni Spelldust for plat with Twelve favour

    Yes, would be lovely to get to buy omni spelldust for plat (make it expensive, at least something to use the plat on!) as reward for the top tier Twelve favor. Even if you make it a new reward for...
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    on using looted arrows etc ...

    Actually I find that since they started handing them out in packs of 100 pieces my characters (apart from repeater users, although with the rogue 80% return rate its ok-ish for mechs) have started...
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    Yes that works, I do it that way

    Yes this works (found out about it thanks to pjstechie on DDOcast, thanks Patrick). I put the the normal components in the first row of my last backpack page and the omni spelldust in the very last...
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    Shame ..

    That's a real shame if they can be finished that fast on EE on a first look. Guess they need some spicing up to make it a bit more challenging then!
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    Yes, they knew, but you don't "have" to pay for a LR "at least once" per life at all

    Ok, now i get that you do not like the choice that was made based on feedback, technical options and weighing the amount of work the different options meant. Sure, feel free to express that.

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    wow, already managed to get flagged?

    Wow, you are fast, you already managed to get flagged then!
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