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  1. Shards that were crafted before cannith crafting update - what to do with them?

    I am a returning player that crafted a whole lot of shards before the cannith crafting update. Is there any way to utilize the shards at this time or do I just destroy them? Thanks in advance!
  2. Re:

    Would you please tell my your in game name so I can find you on the Argo server?
  3. I tried both of the vendors inside the crafting...

    I tried both of the vendors inside the crafting halls however none of them will take the old shards that I crafted. Is there another vendor outside the crafting halls that I need to utilize? Thanks...
  4. Returning player with question about shards from older crafting system

    I recently started playing DDO again and previously spent a lot of time crafting. I read the new crafting update and I figured out how to turn in the old earth, fire, good, etc.. essences and how to...
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