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  1. Thank You all!

    Thank You for the quick reply's guys. You know more about it than the in game GM as I did ask them!
  2. Problem with Enhancement tree with multiclass x3

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem:

    I have multiclass charcter Rogue/Monk/Wizard but when I go onto the enhancement screen it only shows me the enhancements for 2 of the...
  3. Cannot Log In!!!!

    Stuck at installing pre req as well! and I was so looking forward to playing today. To whom ever is boss at Turbine, I think you need to get your axe out and some heads should be rolling here!!
  4. Replies

    connection issues!

    Me too I was on 2 hours ago from home and tried to connect from work and it keeps on freezing on the connect screen. Looks like problem is from source!! (DDO)
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