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    Thanks for helping me break the DDO habit...

    I've been playing since shortly after DDO was released. I've been a paying client and VIP the entire time. I've taken every bug and questionable developer decision in stride because the game always...
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    If I want to get hit for 1/2 to all of my hit...

    If I want to get hit for 1/2 to all of my hit points through 180% fort and displacement I'll play on elite. If I want to fight with a challenge I'll play on hard and if I want to one-shot everything...
  3. After being killed by a champion they dissappear and quests cannot progress...

    Twice now I've been killed by "champions" that hit harder than the end bosses, but that's a different rant.

    Once they've killed you they disappear and the quest cannot be continued. The most...
  4. Ticket has been closed...

    The issue you are describing is not something a GM can help you with. Please submit a bug report. This ticket has been closed.
  5. There we go!

    Thank you.

    You are a gentleperson and a scholar.

    I'm downloading updates now.
  6. TurbineLauncher not launching on Win8 machine...

    Hello, I have one of the sixteen Windows 8 machines on Earth. I installed a fresh download of Preview installer.

    TurbineLauncher doesn't appear to do anything when opened.

    I've tried Win7 and...
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    Majorobvious made it!

    MajorObvious can be added to the list.
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    Running it on a Thinkpad Tablet 2 - very challenging...

    I've tried running it on a Thinkpad Tablet 2 - Window 8 Pro - and you have to *really* need a DDO fix. ...And have the graphics turned all the way down. ...And the patience of benevolent deity to do...
  9. Thrill of the Hunt Dungeon Alert != fun

    Dungeon alert was put in place to keep zergers from rocketing through content, not to make a fight stupidly difficult.

    Adjust DA in Thrill of the Hunt so that it doesn't trigger at a single fight...
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    Sticky: Uber toons still need 12x Iconic Reincarnations...

    The concern about running out-of-sphere ED's seems misplaced. Each of us with a maxed ED completionist capped toon will still need to run 12 IR's to get us back to being the absolute best again....
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    Thanks, just what the doctor ordered!

    Thanks, just what the doctor ordered!
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    LVL 85 airship floorplan...


    Does anyone have a lvl 85 airship floorplan with the hookpoints identified that they could share?
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    Remember when getting blown off that bridge meant the whole group failed the quest?

    Remember when getting blown off that bridge meant the whole group failed the quest?

    Whippersnappers, I tells ya!
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    Rogue If you're TR'ing...

    I chose RadII rapier because a lot of different classes/races can use them. I did ConcOps over MinII for my HP bracers as they also occasionally yield SP for caster lives.

    Kopeshes are awesome but...
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    Happened twice in EE Last Stand....

    Happened twice in EE Last Stand, Sahluagin moved into the pillar behind the shrine, then on the second one, materialized 20 feet above us and couldn't be targetted, just stood in the sky. Couldn't...
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    Is guild renown in epics very rare?

    Hello all,

    I've leveled past 20 for the first time since MotU and I haven't seen any guild renown for the epic quests I've run. I've finished a dozen EH's and a couple of dozen EN's and EC's. Not...
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    I believe there was a response in the initial beta forums...

    I believe the response in the initial beta forums was that they were aware of the problem but couldn't get a fix out in time. Look for mithral to be restored to its rightful place in the near future...
  18. Keep the other divine on the edge of your screen...

    Don't forget to keep an eye on your healing partner. Make sure you're not overlapping heal masses - but stay far enough away that you can't both take meteor storms to the face at the same time.
  19. There was mention in the Lamania release notes about increasing the maximum levels...

    One of the upcoming releases may increase the maximum levels to 150 for bound and 200 for unbound.

    From the Lamannia Update 13 release notes...

    Players can now reach level 200 in Cannith...
  20. Just need to outrun the dwarf next to me...

    I would say 'No' and explain that the dwarven fighter wearing adamantine fullplate is making me say that. Then I just need to outrun the dwarf.



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    Similar problem...

    I had a similar problem with my USB Logitech keyboard and USB Microsoft mouse. I replaced both of them with a USB Dell keyboard and mouse and the problem seems to have gone away.

    When I...
  22. Working as intended...

    I just submitted a ticket on this. The devs reported back that item ML is based on weapon level and is working as intended. Adding a stone of change ritual to an item requires increasing the weapon...
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    LitII weapon for multiple TR use...

    I'm getting ready to build a pair of greensteal weapons to be used as I run through to completionist (hopefully, someday...)

    There was a post recently about kopesh use vs. scimitars and that...
  24. Issue credit when proper favor reached...

    Maybe a compromise would be to have VIP's purchase the class for their specific server and when the VIP reaches the proper favor in the future when it's available, issue a TP credit to the account -...
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    We had good luck with a paladin and a 1/*rogue/wizard...

    I ran a 1/* rogue/wizard and a pure paladin. The paly was a Holy Avenger build. The wizard had all points put into rogue skills.

    The paly handled healing with wands between fights and Lay on Hands...
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