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  1. try Transport to Ebberon

    Not sure if it will help you, but I've had a number of character specific issues that had to do with where the character was loading into the game. For those, the most common solution was to use...
  2. Low Level Random loot is noticably less useful after the loot revamp

    I've farmed several hundred level 1-4 items today and have a handful of slots with something useful in them across 5 toons.

    That's a much lower level of useful items than before the loot revamp,...
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    Doesn't look like we will run this for loot, maybe for threads.
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    What does getting booted mean?

    Are you getting a message box? If so what does the message say?

    Is it when you are logging in? Is it specific to a toon?

    Is the client just going away in the middle of game play?

    Did it go...
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    Heyas Goolann, feel free to hang out in our discord chat, I know Nancy has pulled you in a few times, so you are already a member. We have several friends of the guild from less active guilds who...
  6. I have no idea how its implemented internally,...

    I have no idea how its implemented internally, but regardless it looks like there is a logic problem, either the button is enabled before it should be in a sequence or it is a threaded race issue and...
  7. That may be a different issue, but is not the...

    That may be a different issue, but is not the current issue. The monk I'm playing is wearing 29 gear including the KI+3 bracers and his ki bar is usually full with something around 450+ ki. There...
  8. You are right that if I slow down the finisher...

    You are right that if I slow down the finisher will fire fine. But IMO the finisher should behave like most other "timer attacks", either it isn't yet enabled and it doesn't fire at all, or it is...
  9. Monk: Please Fix "You have missed your special oppotunity attack"

    I've been away from monk for a long time, and have recently started playing an alt again.

    I'm not sure if its because my reactions are faster than the used to be, or the problem is a lot worse. ...
  10. For R1 about any well designed build will work. ...

    For R1 about any well designed build will work. Farm up a Ravenloft gear set and if you are going caster consider getting some forum posts while the anniversary event is still on. Fire lock and...
  11. More Details?

    Some more details would be helpful..

    Do you want a solo option?
    Do you have a preference on melee / ranged / caster?
    Do you have the ravenloft and sharn expansions?
    What difficulty do you run?...
  12. PSA: Falling Damage when stuck between beehive and wall

    I've tried to report this via in game help system, but the screen has failed to load a dozen times in a row.

    I was in the area around Enoch's farmstead in the borderlands slayer, near location: ...
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    I think I read on rthe ddo wiki that the spell...

    I think I read on rthe ddo wiki that the spell casting Shifters were almost always Druids. Not sure SSG would go there, but it was the only bit I found that might indicate a direction.
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    And Tavern?

    And Tavern?
  15. KHYBER has been broken for more than a day

    Heya Devs,

    We've had difficulty transitioning from one zone to another for more than a day now. Its pretty wide spread. The symptom is that you go to zone from say the harbor to the...
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    Amber Temple Lich hange

    Is the change to the lich intentional or a bug?

    He is no longer targetable so you can't cast Restore on him to get the maverus password.

    I'm not fond of this quest anywayl, so losing alternate...
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    Agreed, I like the area... but

    Only quibble is that the epic slayer zone should not cap out at 1500 kills, thats way to low for an epic wilderness.
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    No Firm date

    But Cordovan said on the stream that it could be this week, depending on Lammania test results and QA results.
  19. Buttons not visible. but may still be there

    Not sure what was happening, but I had a similar sounding issue last week. The buttons were not visible, everything was black, but when I hovered my mouse around the bottom of the help screen, the...
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    Long Shot

    Its a long shot, but i've had times where a toon wouldn't load because its link to the location it was trying to load into was bad. When that happened, i was able to log in by using the loading...
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    I would also like to have some responses to some of the issues called out in these threads.

    My interpretation here is that SSG views the XP and Reaper changes as very important. Important enough...
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    Did you check feats?

    Did you check your feats list to see what tomes you have consumed?

    When you hover over special feats-->inherent magical resistance (note this feat only shows up if you have consumed a +1 tome)
  23. Confused

    "3. It will be slightly harder to keep creatures locked down. First, Reaper creatures will have an additional +4 to their saving throws versus spells. In addition, the formula for reducing the...
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    Will make ER's even more tedious

    Since Epic Reincarnates do not reset first time bonuses and slayer zone counts, this change will make consecutive ER's even more tedious since each life will use up more first time quest bonuses. ...
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    Lynnabel gave a brief rationalizatoni, but i don't agree with her assessment'

    I saw those posts as well. From memory the rationalization was that the light armor set needed to be downgraded in power to account for the extra defenses that light armor gives over robes. ...
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