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  1. arti ED

    I didn't read through the whole thread so if this was already mentioned bear with me. Yes ED's are based around a class, but they are also designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Meaning if...
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    under the previous way of guild levels and air ship amenities it maxed out at level 100 and all guild members gained a +2 to all stats. Is that still in effect and if so at what level?

    edit: I'm...
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    Monster saves, spell dc's, and tactics

    I was thinking (known to bring me trouble more than once) that the cleanest and most adjustable way to deal with the current spell dc woes would be as follows.

    Add a -x penalty to a save or saves...
  4. fair enough

    The fact that the house p and j buff are getting used is good, but I think they should still be buffed/improved to be more in line with the other lasting buff options.

    As far as the pendant of...
  5. If they make a change to this, they should look...

    If they make a change to this, they should look at the entirety of house P and J favor rewards as the pendant is the best thing in both combined (who actually uses the 30 min buffs anymore?)
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    heh, trolled myself

    congratulation, but lol i thought that this was going to be another one of those "I'm leaving DDO threads"
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    I think that this thread has strayed a little...

    I think that this thread has strayed a little from the ops point, which is that hp is not the end all be all that some people make it out to be and shouldn't be the sole qualifying thing on whether a...
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    information request

    Dear Devs

    If we could get a point of concept of each tree it would help us in part to understand what to expect, and give us something to chew on.

    eg: rogue,
    assassin: stealthy dps
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    it's more of a streamlining of the list than any...

    it's more of a streamlining of the list than any thing else, but in some of the lists it offers up multiple sources for getting a bonus (e.g. wisdom enhancements) that have non-optimal choices listed...
  10. DC's

    after putting some thought into this, doing some math, and then analyzing how I fell about dc casting. I think that the magister ed ability school specialization could possibly be changed to 2/4/6 in...
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    for eberron: shavarath demon side, shavarath...

    for eberron: shavarath demon side, shavarath angel side, finally dealing with the house of Vol in xen'drik once and for all, and finally some thing in house j for more house j favor.

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    just going to deal with stacking

    str: no problem there

    con: inspire excellence listed twice, litany of the dead is a +1 profane bonus that shouldn't stack (testing required)

    dex: litany of...
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    Human new races

    I think kalashtar, warforged scouts, kobolds, gnomes, aasimar, tieflings, shifters, and changelings would all be appropriate and relativity easy to implement

    dragons (way too powerful), half...
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    Vile Blasphemy for the abbot raid has a clickie...

    Vile Blasphemy for the abbot raid has a clickie that restores sp over time

    (edit) there is also a consumable that you can get for 3 medium eberron dragon shard fragments but i wouldn't suggest it
  15. correct me if I am wrong

    couldn't the party leader have some one activate the elevator by the quest, also now that I think about it wouldn't it of been better to have said something like "carp* sorry about that, we can send...
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    In the magic item compendium most of the crystals...

    In the magic item compendium most of the crystals had three tiers that stacked on top each other.

    some examples would be the crystal of adamant weaponry and the true death crystal for weapons or...
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    Idea for new augment crystals

    Lurking the forums and thinking about things. I think it would be an interesting idea to add the augment crystals from the magic item compendium. This would also be the time to do that considering...
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    as sink

    one of the biggest proposed sinks would be 4 astral shards per augment (at least). So in order to gear your characters the way you would like you have to spend astral shards or spend months grinding...
  19. @hungarian, If you drop out VON, sands, and now...

    @hungarian, If you drop out VON, sands, and now gainthold, the biggest problem will be that level range as those are the biggest xp packs in that range excluding the necro packs (w/ nerco 3 being...
  20. looking at the situation, it seem the biggest...

    looking at the situation, it seem the biggest problem is going to be levels 8 - 14.

    That would require us to run Threnal, restless isles, and necro 3 in order to make up the xp loss. I'm against...
  21. easiest fix


    I think that the easiest fix would be to separate epic xp from heroic xp
  22. forum access

    used the friend pass and can't access the beta forums, any help that can be provided would be appreciated
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    I fully well support the increase in +7 wisdom...

    I fully well support the increase in +7 wisdom gear. Although I think if it is in a chest slot it should come in a couple of different flavors (I'm thinking a medium armor, a robe, and a docent)
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    I personally like the fact that we have clickie intensive classes (like monk & paladin) and classes that can be fine with 1 or 2 clickies (like fighter).

    I think that some clickies need to be...
  25. Sigh

    so far from what I've read on this thread from the the people that object (just what it sounds like), the only way to be effective with ranged is to be one of the three below

    1: a level 20 multi...
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