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    please fix my name cut-off on TR

    Okay so last life I purchased a name change parchment to change my name to Crimsoncleave, but now I reincarnated it cut off my name to Crimsoncleav.

    Please fix this back to Crimsoncleave, I didn't...
  2. selling essences and relics in bulk and buying/trading black dragon scales

    selling a package of 3000 greater essences for 250 each
    87 elven relics 7k ea
    64 dragon relics 7k ea
    95 giant relics 7k ea

    Also willing to trade/buy black dragon scales at a value of 50k each...
  3. What is your achievements bucket list

    OK so everybody sets goals for themselves, this can vary from being able to elite irestone inlet to reaching 3 lives of each class. What goals do you guys have? and did you manage to attain anything...
  4. blank - double thread, cant delete this one.

    blank, cant delete my own threads appearantly:S
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    lol that's insane, I'll be adding it once I...

    lol that's insane, I'll be adding it once I figure out how to edit this or get my original forum name back

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    very nice accomplishment, I think you are...

    very nice accomplishment, I think you are currently the third player in the game to ever reach life 40! Extra credits are in place because it used to be tougher to run quests and there were less...
  7. returning named items to absolute min. level?

    is it possible to return named items to their absolute minimum level? regular deconstruction obv. does not work, but it does state a min. level so that suggests it should be possible.

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