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  1. Still cant stop laughing at people complaining to...

    Still cant stop laughing at people complaining to me how easy the game is after they explained how many different ways they were cheating. It was like they saw no connection between easy...
  2. As tot the anti Asian name

    It was a pure Asian slur. no symbols or subterfuge. I sent in the request twice explained why it was offensive and racist and they ignored it. It just wasn't an issue to them.
  3. I have TR's many times Iknow the drill

    If you don't want to play the game then don't play. If you don't want to run a marathon do not insist to do it and in a car. No one forces you to TR. Well its possible if someone breaks into...
  4. Cheating is rampant - whats the point now and why complain about P2Win

    I used to enjoy seeing great players play well. The feeling of being in a good VON3 group is like being part of a wolf pack.

    Now, I see way too many players cheating at a huge scale. Having...
  5. Replies

    Combat and quests that are flexible and in the ned shows that skill matters

    The combat and movement system ilets you move, react and plan. You can dodge and use cover. You can block and you can cast and run. For example, there is no strategic movent, you cannot outrun...
  6. Yes somethiung is amiss but this really shows how EE is so silly

    Just play Epic Hard, be more relaxed and more flexible. You can be rogue assasin in epic hard and not have midnight. You can lose a whole bunch of sp and still be effective. You can actually dc...
  7. Im glad they did it

    Personally, they should have doubled the bonus to staying still and reduced ranged dps just a bit. Kiting is silly, annoying and should result in huge penalties to dps, ac, speed. Nothing makes me...
  8. Get with the program - the game has evolved

    The original poster is correct. Unltess in a fight or specialized situation you should be able to top yourself off. The age where clerics were your personal nanny are over and get over it. If...
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