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  1. The Epic Bejeweled Letter Opener looks awesome...

    The Epic Bejeweled Letter Opener looks awesome too and was my first choice but I already had the Epic Elyd Edge made.
  2. So far...

    20-25 Epic Elyd Edge
    26-28 swap to some combo of LGS stat/vaccuum and ToEE weapon/Leg. Mutilator of Minds
    29-Legendary Nightmother's Scepter and w/e else.
  3. Had to +1 you on this even though I use Enlarge...

    Had to +1 you on this even though I use Enlarge playing R3 and lower most the time solo. However, Charms become nearly 100% useless in epics with the short duration and frequent saves before the 6...
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    On Khyber also...

    If you are short on anything on your list send a mail to "Returning" (my crafter) with a list and I will kick you down whatever I can. I have crafted the gear I need for planned H and E PLs (other...
  5. Toxic Treatment quest can eff right the eff off.

    Toxic Treatment is a keen example of the Developer's hate towards players of DDO.

    This end fight is not a "challenge". To call it a challenge means there is a actually a chance of success.
  6. Although I am kinda loath to suggest this but the...

    Although I am kinda loath to suggest this but the slow debuff that gets applied when a Reaper is,

    A: hit by character with a melee attack in combat
    B: Reaper hits you in combat with a...
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    Y'all can cram the idiot mound HP debuff in Old Baba's Hut straight up your Khyber.

    Such a GD joke of an idea of challenge.

    All it takes is one stupid idea to KILL ALL FUN FACTOR.

    WHY CAN'T...
  8. EK Synergy

    If you are not focused so much on melee DPS the EK Eldritch Strike on an Int Wiz for instance with just Strategic Combat I is really nice to proc Improved Shattermantle from older randgen and cc...
  9. Aye

    I had briefly considered a 2Wiz/9Monk/9Paladin if Holy Sword did not stack. Would I need to take the 9th pally level @ 20 for the pally PL?

    That sounds like a winner but the Enh split lol. I...
  10. Help me Oby-Juan unbongwah (only hope and all that yadayada)

    All righty lemme lay out what I am looking for based on the following goals...

    Deep Gnome IPL
    Paladin HPL
    Martial Sphere Karma
    Vistani KF T5s, Cores and Capstone
    No Hearts so keeping 1Wiz...
  11. Equipping Cannith Propulsion Boots turns off 'Lock Celestial Spirit

    It has been ages since I needed the basic boot effects and due to class/race/ED choices have not needed the propulsion effect.

    However, I found myself needing/wanting something for use in Sealed...
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    It's worth mentioning that those 100% Health mobs...

    It's worth mentioning that those 100% Health mobs have Epic Resilience +6 bonus to saves (assuming epic level scenario) which is negated when mob is below 50% health which can be a large factor in DC...
  13. 12 Monk, 17FVS, 20+ in EA

    Jump on Leaky Dinghy=>Jump off toward Purple Coin=>Wing/Abundant Step w/e to get coin.

    Rinse repeat, changing instances if necessary.

    If you cannot swap instances run and collect some...
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    Monks do get hand-axe proficiency as a Feat :)

    Monks do get hand-axe proficiency as a Feat :)
  15. Do yourself a favor for ETRs especially amongst many toons with different builds.

    20-25 Cannith Crafted, an ML 20 & 23 Sentient Weapons set up how you wish/as needed. IF you take a BTCoE Item that drops from a chest (EStar Chain/GH), DO NOT equip it, drop Sentient Gem into it=>It...
  16. It's for Divine Might on Str based Melee Cleric Builds

    If you are a caster type cleric you want your WIS as high as you can get for DCs.

    A melee STR based Cleric typically takes the Divine Might Enhancement that gives you an Insight bonus to STR = to...
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    Utterdark works on almost everything!!!

    The only exception are Shroud portals that are immune to Evil damage.

    You have to either turn off Utterdark or swap to Penetrating Blast (if you have it)

    Other than that if a mob takes reduced...
  18. This was the case for me. Can spot stuff all day...

    This was the case for me. Can spot stuff all day no problem.

    Had to port to House K bank, Swap toons and dump a Treasure Hunter's Spyglass into bank, swap back to other toon grab spyglass and go...
  19. Sealed in Amber: anyone else get a non-complete-able instamce?

    I get so sick and effing tired of hearing "THIS DOOR WILL NOT BUDGE YOU MUST NEED SOME OTHER PASSWORD TO OPEN IT

    The 2nd password I needed must have been behind a secret door I could not locate...
  20. On a side note....

    It would have been awesome if your Sentient Jewel ate Tasty Hams/Kargon's Tasty Hams...I tried LOL!
  21. I tried feeding the base 5-rings, shackles etc to...

    I tried feeding the base 5-rings, shackles etc to my Sentient but it didn't work.

    I did feed an extra Slave Lord's Cloak to my Sentient.

    I was not aware that Stormhorn's "named" gear could be...
  22. TL:DR Version

    Take your level 30 Warlock and spend a couple days worth of game time running Heroic Elite Slaverlord's to craft a 5 pcs heroic set for your level 6 Warlock. It's solid till 15 as pointed out...
  23. Not in every case.

    Wizards get FULL FREE METAS in the Archmage Tree.

    The Domains were a great addition to Clerics but they are still extremely SP intensive (though manageable if you have survivability, time, Torc,...
  24. That boat has long sailed.

    Disruption, Smiting, Banishing all used to be "On Confirmed Crit" type effects. They were changed "On Vorpal" effects with an additional 4d6 untyped damage vs. Undead/Constructs/Outsiders in the...
  25. Chain Missile Scroll, Fireball Wand, Cacophonic...

    Chain Missile Scroll, Fireball Wand, Cacophonic Verge, Wand of Blasting (from Diplomatic Impunity), Hell Ball, Eldritch Ball will hit the rats under water.

    Also useful for Tomb of Tormented.
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