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    Issue here in the US

    Yeah, I'm stuck "Installing PreReqs". Logging into the forums fine just no DDO.

    In Oklahoma here, so different region than most here.

    UPDATE: Well logging in now after waiting a bit and...
  2. Okay, a calm, direct feedback point. Here we go:...

    Okay, a calm, direct feedback point. Here we go:

    Sagas are pretty straightforward attempt to add a link to certain quests to give them more value. Obviously, the quests chosen must be P2P to...
  3. Two systems go in, on DDO comes out

    Uh yeah, having this issue too. Only thing is I have one laptop running my son's account that just logged in an hour ago, and one that can't log into my account now after having been on and off most...
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    Interested in joining

    I'm looking to adopt a new guild as my current guild has returned to just members of a static Wed group. I'm a daily player in the Central Standard time zone with multiple toons with multiple...
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    LFG on Khyber


    I'm a long time daily player looking for a Raid ready guild, or at least one actively pursuing Raid readiness. I have access to a lvl 65 boat, so I'm not trying to game some high level buffs....
  6. Reply if you will not buy the Shadowfell Expansion due to new bugs

    I really want to buy the new Expansion, but it seems I was lucky to read about the new bugs from U18 first. I just can't spend the money knowing more things are broken while there is a list of things...
  7. Thank you very much!

    Thanks! This post fixed my problems.
  8. Level Up, Up!

    Hey! Hey! Another level in less than a month. We really do have a hard working core group, but we have about 5 spots open if the post above interests you.

    Alright back to the game. Good Luck all!...
  9. Level Up!

    We've hit 62 no and have a core group of about 6 really earning the renown. Could still use more. :)
  10. League of Part Time Gamers recruiting on Khyber

    League of Part Time Gamers is a small lvl 61 guild (soon to be 62) looking to add more regular players to keep us growing. We have about 6 fairly regular PuG'ers and another 6 not so regular. We're...
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    Blah blah blah

    Grumble grumble grumble.
  12. C'mon man.

    Geez. 5K renown to finally getting lvl 60 for our little guild and DDO decides to hate on Khyber.
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    Well, not the first to say this. Khyber down, man! Khyber down.
  14. Same sound issue at Character screen

    I have a similar issue that started with the latest patch. Strange "pffft" repeating every few seconds while the Character screen is loaded. Also occasionally hear it in game in quiet areas.

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    Everything is Nothing confirmation

    Just adding another confirmation on this bug. Was not happy when things that were supposed to die became invulnerable.

    Everything is Nothing: Does not work properly on occasion when will save is...
  16. Small Lvl 50 Guild on Khyber recruiting

    League of Part Time Gamers is now level 50 with a bigger ship and it's time we started recruiting some players to run around it and complain about not having +2 buffs yet. :) We're a small guild...
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    Thanks for joining

    Hey Leo,

    I'd be glad to have another part timer like yourself. I don't like to put any "required hours of play" limits. Just like to have players that play a bit on a regular basis. I'll send...
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    Looking for Officer(s)/Recruiter(s)

    League of Part Time Gamers is a lvl 48 guild on Khyber with a leader (me!) that REALLY wants to get to 50 so we can get the big airship. I'm also pretty much soloing this thing right now as my...
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    Sticky: Khyber server full error

    Khyber. Last attempt around 9:20PM CST.
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